Eat these foods for healthy beautiful skin


Believe it or not, what you eat affects how supple, soft and healthy your skin is more than what you put on the outside of it. That’s because lotions, creams and oils do nothing but sit on the outside of your skin – they don’t actually penetrate beneath the surface. However, eating the right foods will nourish your skin from the inside out. Here are some delicious – and healthy – foods you may want to try to get the moisturized, glowing skin you want.


Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which studies are showing help to prevent skin from burning when outdoors. Results show that people who increased their lycopene intake with tomatoes (or carrots) experienced 50% less reddening after UV light exposure than those who did not increase their lycopene intake. It should be noted, however, that those who experienced less skin reddening ate fresh tomatoes – those who took supplements did not experience any significant protection from UV rays.


Tofu is an excellent source of isoflavones, which aids in protecting collagen from breaking down. Mice who were given  isoflavones had notably smoother skin and less wrinkles after being exposed to UV rays than the mice who were exposed and had not been given isoflavones. Replacing meat in your diet with tofu a few times a week may increase your isoflavone intake enough that you will notice softer, smoother skin over time.

Bell Peppers (Specifically, Red)

Red bell peppers contain a high amount of vitamin C, which has been shown to help protect the skin from UV exposure. Vitamin C may also help repair damage that has already been done from spending too much time in the sun without adequate skin protection. It’s not hard to get enough vitamin C in your diet – if you don’t enjoy red bell peppers, try having a fresh papaya as a snack, or you can go to the old standard and eat a few oranges or down a nice, tall glass of cold OJ.

Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp And Other Omega-3 Rich Fish

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the body in more ways than one. These acids help promote heart health, healthy vision and have many other benefits for the body. Supple, firm skin is also one of those benefits, as Omega-3 helps preserve collagen.

Consuming a diet rich in these amazing “skin foods” will not only help you achieve the gorgeous, radiant skin that will make you glow from the inside out, they’re also great for your overall health. Eat up!

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How to get rid of holiday flab!


Gaining weight over the holidays is common, especially with all of the delicious food that is served over Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, when New Year’s rolls around, you want to get that extra flab off and get rid of the muffin top that is now hanging over your jeans. You also want to do it fast – you don’t want to keep holiday fat on until April! Here are some easy ways to banish holiday flab in a hurry.

Kick The Salt

Of course, you need to start eating healthy ASAP. Start subbing in fresh salads, fruits, vegetables and lean meats for breads and pastas and pass up on the salt. Salt causes you to hold more water, and it’s likely that a good portion of the weight you gained over the holidays is “water weight.” This is because most holiday fare is laden with sodium and extra salt. Don’t use salt in your cooking, and avoid prepackaged and convenience foods, which have a lot of salt built in.

Drink Plenty Of Water

You may think that drinking lots of water will actually cause you to gain more water weight, but actually, the opposite is true. Drinking plenty of water will help you to flush out the extra sodium in your body, which in turn, will help you lose water weight. Aim for at least eight 8 oz. glasses of fresh, cold water each day.

Sit In The Sauna

If you have access to a sauna (many gyms have them), have a good sweat session or two. This will also help rid your body of extra water weight, salt and other toxins, leaving you slimmer and feeling better after the holiday overindulgence. Just remember to use good judgment when you visit the sauna – don’t sit for too long and don’t make the sauna too hot. If you start to feel too warm, dizzy or lightheaded, get out of the sauna right away and sit somewhere cool until you start to feel better. If you have health issues like heart or breathing problems, you may want to consult a doctor before using a sauna. Using saunas on a regular basis, however, can help keep water weight from sticking around.

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Want flat abs?


Hundreds of exercises and complicated pieces of equipment tend to claim to ‘iron out’ your stomach yet you can spend months doing them and not see any results. Keep reading to find out what really works to flatten out your stomach.

First of all, it is important to  keep in that that the abdominal exercises aimed to tone your tummy and create that ‘six-pack’ look do not remove flab. You can exercise your abs nonstop and have rock-hard muscles, but if you’ve got a layer of fat covering them, they’ll never be able to see them. And, vice versa, if you have a flat abdomen but don’t exercise, your tummy will lack tone and definition.

This doesn’t mean, however, that abdominal exercises are not worthwhile unless you’ve got a supermodel-flat stomach. On the contrary, they help to strengthen your core and in doing so, encourage good posture; plus, if you’re on a weight-loss program, reducing fatty tissue and strengthening muscle will boost your metabolism, and this will mean that when your stomach is flatter, it will have better tone and definition.

Build Up Your Abs

The abdomen consists of one long segmented muscle, but has three parts: the upper abdominal, the lower abdominal and the side abdominal. Each one has two corresponding ‘sides’ and this makes the ‘six-pack’ definition we’ve come to recognize. The deepest abdominal muscle, the one that holds the whole six-pack together, is known as the transverses abdominal.

Another question concerns whether or not you really want one: it’s possible to have a toned, flat stomach without the six-pack look and it’s also possible to look overly muscular with one. The best plan is to exercise your abs until you like what you see, then switch to a ‘maintenance’ regime: when you’re building up your abs you should, as with any major muscle group, exercise them only every other day; for a maintenance program, switch to three times a week.

Tightening the abdominal muscles without increasing muscle mass elsewhere (particularly on the back) can cause shoulders to roll forward and round your upper back, which will lead to back pain and posture problems. The key to avoiding these and to get the most from your workout-is making sure that your abs are engaged that is contracted (by pulling your tummy in) during your workout.

Breathing properly is important as well, you should exhale when you’re doing the work (the part where your abs are being squeezed). Also, keep in mind not to arch or flatten your back during any lying down exercises, there should be a gap of at least a figure’s width between the small of your back and the floor. You should do your abdominal exercises towards the end of your workout when you’ve already targeted other muscle groups-otherwise they will be too tired to do their job properly supporting the rest of the body.

Trim Your Waistline

It’s not all about abs, though. Some of us just want our waistlines to look a bit trimmer, and if that’s you, consider stretches (on top of a general aerobic-i.e.-burning- workout). Pilates is a good system for waist-toning because it concentrates on the ‘core’, and also often involves stability balls-those large, inflatable grown-up beach balls that you often find in gyms. Good gym exercises include sitting on the ball with one foot on the floor and the other stretched out in front, holding for a count of ten and then swapping over.

Who doesn’t like having fun while exercising? Bring back the hula hoop! The hula hoop movement rotates the hoop around the hips and waist using circular trunk movements, targeting the abs, hips, and waist. Also, because the movements are circular and not linear, the body works in all directions, allowing the arms to stay the same distance apart. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

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Squeezing In Workouts Into a Hectic Lifestyle

For many of us it feels like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. We feel stretched in a million different directions and aren’t sure where to focus our efforts. This is a common sentiment, particularly amongst women who have multiple responsibilities to manage. So as you think of time for yourself it may feel that this is an impossible situation. If that sounds familiar, then how exactly are you supposed to find time to exercise?

With all of the things that we have to manage and get done on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that the workouts that we long for simply aren’t part of the equation. We often put them aside because there’s something we have to handle for work or for the family and so the workout feels more like a luxury. The truth is however that if you want to maintain proper physical and mental strength, then workouts are an essential aspect of your daily life.

Taking the Initiative and Recognizing the Results

First and foremost you must recognize just how important workouts are. You are not going to lose weight, change your body, or stay healthy in the short or long term without them. Sure there may be days where you simply don’t have the time to dedicate to a full workout, but there’s always a way to stay active. You must recognize and appreciate the importance of a workout first and foremost if you hope to get results.

You also need to focus in on the types of results that you actually want. These are bound to change and so there should be goals to support them. You may find that initially you want to lose weight. That may evolve into wanting to maintain your results and then build muscle on top of things. You might even find that as you move forward you simply can’t function properly mentally or physically without a workout, and so you need to take inventory if you hope to always find time to incorporate these important workouts.

Looking Into Alternative Times As Necessary

Sure before kids or your high demand career you may have had time to hit the gym after work each day. As your life evolves and you add new responsibilities and commitments to your daily routine, you may need to get creative with your routine and how you time them however.

You may find that a our 5:30am boot camp session at NYC Adventure Boot Camp is not only a great way to get up and get moving, but it may also fit nicely into your routine and allow you to squeeze something in. Previously you may have never thought that you could workout in the evening, first thing in the morning, or even at lunch time but hectic schedules call for some flexibility. Be ready to plan around your workouts and you are much more likely to fit them into your day with ease.

Always Focusing On Being Active Throughout Your Day

When the gym simply can’t fit into your schedule then get creative. Look for opportunities to be active all day long. Park a distance from the door so you can get in a walk whenever possible. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and try to get in opportunities to be active throughout the entire day.

When all else fails look for items that you can lift at home or at the office for a bit of strength training. Get in a round of pushups, sit ups, and high knees in a hotel room or in your own bedroom. Where there’s a will there’s a way and so if you can learn to make your workouts a priority then you will always find some way to be active and stay strong.

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Combining Proper Nutrition and Portion Control for a Killer Combo


So many health experts out there focus on what you should be eating on a daily basis. As a result we tend to focus on the “what” in terms of proper eating, but an aspect that gets lost is often the “how”. We have heard it before that we need to be eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, but how do you make this happen and ensure proper portion control and combining all the right foods?

It takes good planning and a focus on the right way of eating combined together. So as you plan for your mini meals all day long it’s not just about eating the most nutritionally sound foods, but also ensuring that they are dished up in the proper amounts. Though this may sound like a lot of effort you tend to fall into it without any problems as you move forward. You will learn what a proper portion of food looks like and more importantly how to get the most out of your eating with every single meal.

Making Every Bite Count

This effort really focuses on the fact that there is no more mindless eating. There is no more standing up and eating or picking at food on the run. This means that you savor the taste of your food and ensure that you are truly getting something out of your meals. So every bite that you take should be accounted for and therefore give you some real value as well.

You can achieve this by combining food groups wherever possible. Not only do you ensure that you get everything that you need in a day in terms of nutrients, but you tend to create really powerful combinations as well. Think of how great a mini meal of an apple with peanut butter sounds. This incorporates a fruit, lean protein, and even fiber and it’s a very manageable portion. Start to focus on this philosophy and you are bound to come up with some combinations that you love and that are so good for you at the same time. That’s how you make every bite taste good and work for you at the same time!

Planning Ahead for the Best Meals

You can’t possibly get the most out of your meals if you don’t plan for each and every one. If you leave things to chance then you are inevitably going to cheat or give into your temptations or hunger pangs. So the more planning that you put forth the more health conscious foods that you eat and the more that you practice portion control overall.

You want to be searching for healthy recipes all the time from trusted resources. You want to make your grocery shopping really work for you. It’s also worth nothing that you must also ensure that every single meal that you eat is carefully crafted and put together with thought. You may need to actually portion your food at the beginning but you will eventually learn to eye things and give yourself what comprises a serving size. Planning ahead becomes part of your life and ensures that every single meal works for you and not against you.

Being Mindful of What You Eat….and How You Eat It

The more that you think about portion and nutrition, the more that you are going to be aware of what you are eating. This means that you won’t be tempted to eat the remaining food off of your kid’s plate. You won’t be as apt to cheat because you know that even a little cheat means extra calories that you don’t need. You will really learn to embrace what a well planned mini meal can do for you.

When you give proper thought to the food that you eat and the portion that you eat it in then you are practicing the most important aspects of healthy eating. This is a combined effort and you soon see that it’s not just about getting proper nutrients out of food but getting them in the proper amount. So think of how eating well and portion control can fit into your life and how you can get

If you are in New York City and interested in joining an all woman’s boot camp or Fitness Boxing Classes please visit NYC ADVENTURE BOOT CAMP, mention that you found us through our blog for and extra 15% off a membership. Come work out like a GIRL!!!

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