Healthy Snacks

It may seem hopeless to find healthy snacks that actually fill you up and are good for you. The truth however is that there are some excellent snack ideas that can help you to fulfill your nutritional quota and that actually taste good. The key with this aspect of eating as with anything else is to be prepared. Though you think it’s impossible you can come up with some great snacks that are healthy and delicious.

You should also remember that healthy snacks fit in with the right way to eat. You want to focus on eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. That means that healthy snacks are a key and very important component to that and why you should be focused on incorporating these into your day. If you take the time to plan and pack the right snacks then your diet and your waistline will thank you.

Combine Food Groups

Whenever possible try to combine food groups as this really works. There are great snack ideas that do just this and you can figure them into your day really well. Consider a few ideas that come together from two various food groups. Remember the food groups include low fat dairy products, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, good fats, and whole grains.

So keeping that in mind a few examples of good combination snacks include:

  • Whole grain bread with turkey slices
  • Low fat cottage cheese with pineapple
  • Whole wheat crackers with hummus
  • Apple with peanut butter
  • Trail mix
  • Carrots with Greek yogurt dip

So you see that healthy snacks can include a wide array of different foods and when you combine them you get great value. You get key nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You get fiber to make you feel full longer, and in the end you get a lot of great value for one small meal as well.

Items for On the Go

You want to always be prepared and that means that you have the right foods to take with you anywhere. Chop up and prepare vegetables such as watermelon, apples, bananas, carrots, celery, and cucumber and then pack them in a cooler. Pack up some low fat yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, and string cheese in the cooler and you are always prepared.

Consider keeping a packet of oatmeal, some trail mix, some mixed nuts, or even some popcorn at your desk. Put some protein bars into your car or gym bag. Just think through what your daily routine looks like and then plan for it. That way you never have to be caught off guard and you always have what you need to eat the right way on the go. That’s what healthy snacks and smart eating are all about!

True Mini Meals Working For You

When you break down the more than likely huge meals that you eat now into smaller and more efficient mini meals then you can work really well in terms of planning. Consider packing a half of a turkey sandwich and some yogurt for your lunch. Save the orange and the almonds for a mid morning snack and then you are never hungry and you don’t overeat at once. The key is to eat the right way and to focus on eating smaller portions more frequently to get the most value out of your eating overall, and healthy snacks are a huge component of that.

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