Want to Start the New Year with a Bang?


Far too many women wait until the New Year to jump start their new workout regimen. If you have been lacking on the exercise or if you haven’t been quite as diligent as you used to then the truth is that there is no time like the present. The thing is this—if you get moving and start working towards fitness you are going to look way better in that holiday attire. Not only that but you are going to start the New Year with a huge advantage and a killer body.

No More Excuses

It doesn’t matter how much progress you have to make, it’s all about getting started. When we procrastinate (as we all have) and say that we’ll do it another day or we’ll start the diet on Monday, we are letting ourselves down. If we learn to take action now then there is no stopping us. We can get back that amazing feeling that exercise offers us and start to plow through the Holiday season with a vengeance.

Admittedly the Holiday season can be tough in terms of weight loss and staying fit. Let’s face it we all have some weakness whether it’s a bit of “special” eggnog, far too many Christmas cookies, too many huge Holiday dinners, or just some good home cooking. We may eat until we feel like we’re going to be sick but if we learn to embrace fitness now it will make our transition through the Holiday season a much easier one.

Don’t Let the Temptations Overtake You This Time

Think about this scenario—you’re sitting at the Thanksgiving table staring that scrumptious meal in the face. It is staring you down as you start to calculate all the calories you’re about to consume in your head. What if you got a good workout in that morning? What if you had already started working on portion control? If you began your fitness and proper eating regimen here and now then you would be able to make it through that meal flawlessly—and you wouldn’t have those familiar pangs of guilt the next day either!

Fitness regimen means just that—working out no less than five days a week and incorporating strength training and cardio as part of every workout. This can be done no matter how busy your lifestyle or what you have going on. If you start to get into those good habits now then you can allow yourself a little splurge without feeling guilty. You can then get back onto that treadmill or hit that gym without wanting to put it off until the New Year!

You Will Like What You See

You will look stunning in that gorgeous black dress that you have specifically for the Holiday parties. Why? Because you have a good start and an amazing advantage going into the Holidays rather than waiting for the pounds to pack on after the fact. You will notice some major differences in your body and in the way that your clothes fit. In just a few short weeks you can gain some confidence, shed some pounds, and feel far more confident in your own skin.

 So why wait until after the New Year? There is no time like the present to get moving and to get into a great fitness regimen. This will make the Holiday season jollier and ensure that you start the New Year with a banging body!

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