How to get rocking summer abs


You cringe at the sight of that flab clinging to your belly, but are unsure about how to get rid of it in time for next week’s beach outing. You want to be able to develop lean, firm, and attractive abs that would look awesome even in the full body swimsuit. While the midsection is one of the hardest to tone, it is possible to build summer rocking’ abs with the right exercise routine. With a positive outlook and discipline to stick to your workout, you will have great abs before the summer ends.

Work Your Core Muscles

Focus on your core muscles hidden beneath the surface. These are muscles that, when strengthened, pull your midsection in like a corset, making the area flat and toned. Perform exercises that expand and tone these muscles to produce the results you need.

Burn Calories With Cardio

Cardiovascular workouts at 20-30 minute intervals are great at burning calories. What’s more, you can make each session fun and interesting, such as biking, swimming, or walking around the park. You can perform your cardio workouts in the morning or during the weekends, so long as you keep to the routine. At NYC Adventure we use a variation of exercises to get results, but cardio is definetly the way to see fast results.

Work That Butt!

Exercises that push you to get up, move, and work your butt are very effective in building abs. Sitting for long periods causes the hip muscles to become stiff. Your posture also pushes the abdomen out, making your bulge even more obvious.

Eat The Right Foods

The kinds of food you take have a great impact when building lean abs. Remove unhealthy food that add more layers of fat and increase your protein intake. This is essential if you want to build lean muscles and eventually develop attractive abs. Lessen insulin-pumping food (this slows your metabolism) as well, and focus on eating more carbohydrates to make it easier to burn.

Avoid Bloat Triggers

Even if you are actively reducing belly fat, carbonated beverages, beans, and broccoli can make your stomach bloat. You should also avoid taking in too much sodium as this retains excess water. Excess bloating means that one day your jeans may zip all the way up, and the next day they don’t! When you avoid bloat triggers, you ensure that your tummy stays flat and your hard work shows.

As you get through each week, your abs will begin to form, flatten, and become firm and strengthened. Stick to your abs workout program and you’ll soon see the results!

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