Creating a Challenging Workout Regimen


When it comes to women and fitness, there are far too many out there who are afraid to challenge themselves. They may feel as though they are working hard enough, yet they aren’t seeing the results that they want to. Does this sound familiar? If you truly want to change your body, lose the weight, add some muscle, or just reach your health and fitness goals then you need to create a truly challenging workout regimen.

This doesn’t mean that you push yourself to the point of injury. It’s important to have a day of rest each week, however you do need to really push it when you are working out. A good regimen should include cardio, weight training, and should make you feel winded and sore at first. You are trying to change the shape of your body and therefore you are going to have to put some true work into it. So what does a truly challenging workout regimen include?

Push Yourself More Than You Ever Have Before

Before you tell yourself that you “can’t” or that you “won’t be able to”, you will never know until you try it. The biggest followers of boot camp and fitness boxing never told themselves that they couldn’t or that it would be too hard. They pushed themselves as they knew that somewhere deep down they were capable and that they could handle it. At NYC Adventure Boot Camp we will guide you all the way.

You need to know that no matter how hard the workout, you can handle it. This means trying new things, setting new limits, and creating longer term goals for yourselves. Every activity, whether it’s running or spinning or just lifting weights, is hard at first. You need to feel that challenge and push through it. You  may grit your teeth, you may be out of breath, and you may feel like you can’t handle anymore—but then all of a sudden it will somehow become a little easier and so much more additive!

Use Common Sense to Avoid Injury

Challenging is good, but it should never exclude common sense. If you want to ensure that you work through the pain and yet avoid injury then use your common sense. If you have an injury then don’t push yourself in that capacity. If you feel like you are going to faint then stop for a second. You do want to challenge yourself, but you don’t ever want to put yourself or your health at risk.

Never push so hard that you get hurt. You will however find that many of the injuries that happen in the gym were due to improper form or technique. Be sure that you know firsthand how to use all of the equipment. If you are taking a class then ask the instructor or even a personal trainer what the appropriate way to perform the exercises are. Never try to do something on your own and do it wrong—that’s when most injuries happen. Not worth it—the regimen should be challenging but still focused on the right way to perform each exercise.

Try New Things and Never Be Afraid

The world is your oyster so run with your creativity and new found energy. You shouldn’t be afraid of any type of exercise, even if it seems overly strenuous. It will only be challenging for a little while and then before you know it, you will have mastered it and become a real pro. At the point that it becomes too easy then it’s time to incorporate some new and wonderful exercises to take things up a notch.

When your muscles feel sore, they are changing. When your body changes shape, then great things are happening. The only way to truly get those results and to reach your fitness goals is to push yourself. Try something new that is totally outside of the box for you. Be sure to get proper instruction and take your time to learn, but then start challenging yourself. It’s a fun way of exercising and it gets results! You are never going to know until you try so see just how much you are capable of and you are sure to be amazed at the results and the person that you see in the mirror.

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