Working Out With An Injury

You may think that getting an injury immediately puts you out for the count. Though there are some injuries that can be debilitating and cause you to warm the bench. The reality is that some injuries are serious and others work conveniently as excuses for people not to work out. When you get injured, no matter what the circumstance, the most important thing to ask is what you can do in terms of physical activity.

Yes you do want to seek out medical attention and ask the right questions. Beyond that though there is almost always a sufficient alternative for the type of exercise that you were doing before. Where there’s a will there’s a way and you must find the inner strength to push on and find something that keeps you strong. There’s always a way to revise your workout regimen and to focus on what sorts of activities you can partake in to keep up your fitness. Let’s take a look at what you can do to work out even with an injury.

Always Seek Medical Attention First

No matter what the nature of the injury, how you got it, or how extensive it may or may not be, it’s always smart to seek out medical attention first and foremost. You want to be absolutely certain that the damage is nothing further and that you have no set limitations put on you. Though you may not always like what they have to say, you do want to talk to a doctor first.

Get an x-ray if necessary or at the very least get it examined. Be sure that you tell the doctor what happened and explain what your current workout regimen is. They need to know what level of activity that you were working at and therefore help you to decide what is best for you moving forward. There is almost always some sort of activity that you can take on with an injury, but you just need to get cleared for it and get a bit of consultation first.

Find a Good Alternative to Stay Active

If you have a lower body injury then you may find stretching exercises that work well. If you hurt your shoulder then you may want to concentrate on exercises for the lower body. No matter what type of injury that you sustained, there is sure to be some sort of alternative. You may need to get creative and you may need to push yourself a bit, but that’s what dedication is all about.

You want to try to participate in some sort of activity that continues to challenge you. It’s quite common to gain weight and lose muscle when you suffer from an injury. Though you do have to be careful, you don’t have to give up altogether! It’s crucial to find the right type of exercise but to focus on staying safe to not further your injury. This is when you have to really keep yourself motivated and ensure that you stay on track.

At NYC Adventure Boot Camp we encourage that you focus on stretching as the major way of staying physical. This is not the time to try to run a marathon, though we do want you to stay active we do not want you to push yourself to the point of sustaining another injury or making the current one worse.

Use Common Sense But Don’t Give Up

You don’t want to risk reinjuring yourself or even injuring something else in the process. Yes you do need to use common sense and avoid putting too much pressure on the problem area. However there is a big difference between using common sense and giving up on your fitness regimen altogether. Don’t let this be an excuse or a crutch for you!

If you are dedicated and want to continue to see results then you just need to shift your focus in the short term. This isn’t always easy but it can ensure that you stay with the program and don’t skip a beat. This is easier said than done but nearly every athlete or dedicated fitness individual has had to work through an injury. Be smart, use common sense, but never let the injury rule you or force you to lose your momentum. This too shall pass and your workout regimen can therefore stay intact!

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