Best Vitamins for Women Over 50

ImageAs the body reaches 50, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to be able to supply what cannot be produced or acquired from the food we eat. One of the best ways to do this is to take (and continue taking) vitamins especially beneficial for women in their 50s.

These vitamins supply the body with the nutrients needed to keep it in proper function. If you’re feeling weak, tired, and unable to concentrate, consider taking these vitamins fit for women over 50.

1. A Multivitamin

A multivitamin designed for women over age 50 supplies all the needed vitamins and minerals needed by the body. There are plenty of brands in the market for this, so make sure you do your research, consult a physician, and pick the multivitamin that is right for you.

2. Calcium

At this age, our bones are not as robust as they used to be. To prevent osteoporosis and other bone-related problems, a daily dose of 500 t0 1000mg of calcium along with food is recommended. For those who want to avoid dairy products, broccoli is a great alternative.

3. Vitamin D

While the sun is a great source of vitamin D, the body isn’t able to absorb it as effectively as it once had. Vitamin D is essential not only for calcium absorption, but also to combat various diseases we are prone to, such as heart attacks and Parkinson’s. 

4. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Fish oil is an excellent source of omegas, which help relieve joint inflammation and keep heart diseases at bay. You can also stock up on vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

5. Magnesium

This vitamin prevents migraines, fatigue, and blood pressure. Some of the best sources of magnesium include dark green, leafy vegetables, amaranth, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Try to maintain at least 400-500mg of magnesium in your diet.

6. Vitamin A

Found in certain fruits, some vegetables, eggs, saltwater fish, and whole milk. Vitamin A is great for the skin, improves the gastrointestinal system, and helps one’s vision.  

7. Vitamin C

An antioxidant that repairs the cells and protects the body’s DNA, the best source of vitamin C are your citrus fruits, such as your oranges and lemons. You can eat the whole fruit both for its vitamin C and fiber.

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Weight Loss Supplements That Really Work


Diet pills are expensive and useless at best, and at worst, they can cause damage to the body and its vital organs. While you may lose some weight at first with diet pills, this is usually water weight and comes back quickly. However, weight loss is difficult and many people need a bit of a boost. What are some safe, all natural weight loss supplements that really work?

Whey Protein

Most people typically use whey protein to build muscle, however, new studies are revealing that whey protein can aid in weight loss as well. Whey protein will fill you up faster and keep you feeling full for longer, helping you to eat less and feel satisfied. It will still help you build muscle, but without excessive bodybuilding, the muscle will be lean and help you burn even more fat.


Glucomannan is a thickening agent extracted from the konjac plant and is typically used in Japanese cooking. It’s a sugar, so it does have a few calories in it, but when taken as a supplement, it will expand in your stomach by absorbing water. This will help you to feel full without consuming a large amount of calories. You will naturally feel full, all while eating less.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has long been touted as a folk remedy to boost weight loss, but does it really work? Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar can help stabilize blood sugar and prevent highs and lows that contribute to hunger pangs. This will help suppress your appetite and keep you from snacking in between meals. It will not help you restrict your calorie intake by significant amounts, but blood sugar regulation will help you to eat well balanced meals and feel satisfied more easily.

Acai Berry

Acai berry supplements can be useful when used for weight loss, but you need to be careful about which formula you purchase. Many “diet pills” that contain caffeine or other harmful chemicals contain acai berry as an additive, but it is not the primary ingredient. If you want to use acai berry to lose weight, make sure you are purchasing a supplement that is just acai berry.

The powerful antioxidants and vitamins in acai berry will help increase your energy and boost your metabolism, helping you to stay up on your exercise and burn fat more effectively.

If you choose to use supplements for weight loss, stick with natural, plant based supplements and stay away from mixed formulas or anything with caffeine or chemicals. Do your research and consult your doctor before starting any diet or weight loss plan.

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Turning to Food For Short Term and Long Term Health


There are so many wonderful medications out there right now, but have you ever felt that you were almost over medicated? So many of us turn to medicine and are prescribed medicine for a variety of health conditions. Though sometimes medicine is absolutely necessary, sometimes you may find that a more natural remedy can do the trick.

If you are sick of taking pills everyday and want to try something that may offer you a healthy alternative, there are answers out there. You can turn to the very food that you eat to offer healing power and to help you feel better faster. Though you always want to seek out medical attention and ensure that your health condition doesn’t absolutely require medication, you will quickly find that there is great healing powers in proper nutrition. So put aside that pill for a moment and consider what you can do on your own to offer very natural remedies.

The Healing Power of Food

Did you know that garlic and onions offer natural antibacterial properties? Are you aware that blueberries and broccoli contain antioxidants within them that can help to naturally boost your immune system? These are the sorts of things that you can gain when you eat the right foods. Though many find that supplements are necessary to offset the appropriate servings needed in a day, the food that you eat has some amazing healing power.

When you feel sick, it can be quite helpful to turn to citrus fruits for a nice boost of Vitamin C. You may also find it helpful to include a food such as sweet potatoes as they are loaded with Vitamin C and beta carotene. Knowing these sorts of things can help to prevent you from getting sick in the first place. The very food that we eat can offer us tremendous healing power and make us healthier and stronger.

Trying the Natural Route Rather Than Medication

Yes there are certain medications that are an absolute must and those should never be ignored. However if you are trying to live a healthier and cleaner life, it always pays off to go to a natural way of healing things. Though medication has many side effects in certain instances, the foods that we eat can only help to keep us healthier in the long run.

When you are eating natural foods from the earth, you are far less likely to feel slowed down, lethargic, or exhausted. Your immune system is boosted and therefore you are better able to fight off germs and illnesses that come your way. When you eat processed foods you tend to get sluggish and feel weighed down by all of the fat, additives, preservatives, and unnatural ingredients. You truly are what you eat and therefore eating the right foods can really help to make you a healthier person!

Seeking Guidance But Taking Control of Your Health

Always talk to your doctor before you start any regimen, including turning to foods for health support. If you are on medication that is absolutely necessary, then don’t just stop taking it without talking to them first. You may however find that proper nutrition can really be of help in the short term in boosting your immune system. It can also be quite helpful in the long term when it comes to preventing disease from setting in.

Prevention is key and when you eat the right foods you are providing your body with what it needs. Not only do the right foods act as natural remedies for what may ail you, but they help to prevent problematic health conditions as well. You are going to feel much healthier, stronger, and enjoy a longer and more enjoyable life if you start to embrace proper nutrition—and you are going to find that you likely won’t even need as much medication anymore either!

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