Eating Well As You Age

ImageOne of the key ingredients to aging well is eating well. As we age into our 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond, nutrition becomes ever more important as our body’s needs change. Health problems become more of an issue as we age. What we eat can play a large part in determining whether we develop certain medical conditions like diabetes, bone loss, and heart disease. Eating well also can help us manage some of our health problems. Plus, our healthy habits, like diet, seem to catch up with us as we head into our 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Here are some tips for eating well as you age:

  • Eat More Nutrient-Rich Foods – Nutrient-dense foods include those that have a high dose of nutrients but with relatively few amounts of calories. These are foods like vegetables, whole grains, seafood, eggs, nuts, beans, lean meat, and fruits. You should be getting a good mix of these foods every day.
  • Pay More Attention to Portion Sizes – In order to keep your weight at a healthy level, it is important to watch portion sizes. For a woman who is moderately active and over the age of 50, the recommended calorie intake per day is 1800. Start looking at portion sizes on foods that you buy at the grocery store. You can also start keeping track of how many calories you consume every day if you need help with controlling serving size.
  • Limit Certain Foods – When you were younger, it was easy to consume junk food without too much impact on your health. However, as we age, our food choices impact us more and more. Try to stay away from foods that are empty calories, those that are high in calories but extremely low in nutrition. It is also important to limit certain unhealthy ingredients like sodium, saturated fat, cholesterol, and added sugar.
  • Eat Consistently – As people age, their sense of taste and smell will often diminish. Food is no longer appealing and they might be tempted to eat less or skip meals. However, the consequence is that your body doesn’t get the nutrition it needs. If you are having problems with this, try a variety of different dishes and even consider taking a cooking class.

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Combining Proper Nutrition and Portion Control for a Killer Combo


So many health experts out there focus on what you should be eating on a daily basis. As a result we tend to focus on the “what” in terms of proper eating, but an aspect that gets lost is often the “how”. We have heard it before that we need to be eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, but how do you make this happen and ensure proper portion control and combining all the right foods?

It takes good planning and a focus on the right way of eating combined together. So as you plan for your mini meals all day long it’s not just about eating the most nutritionally sound foods, but also ensuring that they are dished up in the proper amounts. Though this may sound like a lot of effort you tend to fall into it without any problems as you move forward. You will learn what a proper portion of food looks like and more importantly how to get the most out of your eating with every single meal.

Making Every Bite Count

This effort really focuses on the fact that there is no more mindless eating. There is no more standing up and eating or picking at food on the run. This means that you savor the taste of your food and ensure that you are truly getting something out of your meals. So every bite that you take should be accounted for and therefore give you some real value as well.

You can achieve this by combining food groups wherever possible. Not only do you ensure that you get everything that you need in a day in terms of nutrients, but you tend to create really powerful combinations as well. Think of how great a mini meal of an apple with peanut butter sounds. This incorporates a fruit, lean protein, and even fiber and it’s a very manageable portion. Start to focus on this philosophy and you are bound to come up with some combinations that you love and that are so good for you at the same time. That’s how you make every bite taste good and work for you at the same time!

Planning Ahead for the Best Meals

You can’t possibly get the most out of your meals if you don’t plan for each and every one. If you leave things to chance then you are inevitably going to cheat or give into your temptations or hunger pangs. So the more planning that you put forth the more health conscious foods that you eat and the more that you practice portion control overall.

You want to be searching for healthy recipes all the time from trusted resources. You want to make your grocery shopping really work for you. It’s also worth nothing that you must also ensure that every single meal that you eat is carefully crafted and put together with thought. You may need to actually portion your food at the beginning but you will eventually learn to eye things and give yourself what comprises a serving size. Planning ahead becomes part of your life and ensures that every single meal works for you and not against you.

Being Mindful of What You Eat….and How You Eat It

The more that you think about portion and nutrition, the more that you are going to be aware of what you are eating. This means that you won’t be tempted to eat the remaining food off of your kid’s plate. You won’t be as apt to cheat because you know that even a little cheat means extra calories that you don’t need. You will really learn to embrace what a well planned mini meal can do for you.

When you give proper thought to the food that you eat and the portion that you eat it in then you are practicing the most important aspects of healthy eating. This is a combined effort and you soon see that it’s not just about getting proper nutrients out of food but getting them in the proper amount. So think of how eating well and portion control can fit into your life and how you can get started with these concepts today.

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How to get your energy back naturally


Many people complain of fatigue frequently. After long hours at the office, housework, caring for children and running errands, it would take a superhero to not feel tired. You may be tempted to chug an energy drink or a few cups of coffee when you’re running low on fuel, but doing so will only give you a boost for a few hours, followed by a hard crash – not to mention how damaging continued use of energy drinks and supplements are to your health. The fact remains that you’re exhausted though – so how do you get your energy back naturally?

Get Some Exercise

It may seem counter-intuitive to exercise and work your body harder when you’re already tired. But the truth is, exercise is vital to getting adequate rest. Even if you manage to get eight hours of sleep at night, if you are not getting quality sleep, it won’t matter how long you stay in bed. Aim to exercise at least a little each day, even if it means just taking the steps at work instead of the elevator.


If you’re exhausted at the end of every day, it’s likely that you’re overworked. Now who can really prevent being overworked these days, with kids and jobs and houses to take care of? But some people – women especially – have a habit of taking on more work than they can handle and are tired and stressed because their load is simply too heavy for just one person to carry. Stop chastising yourself for not being able to get it all done, and delegate some tasks that can be done by others who are willing to help out. If you can’t get help, let it go. The dishes will wait until tomorrow.

Avoid Large Meals

Instead of eating three big meals a day, which will undoubtedly contribute to that mid-afternoon slump (surely there are actually two hours hidden in between 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon). Instead, try to eat four to five smaller meals or snacks throughout the day to sustain your energy. Make sure you are eating foods that will contribute to your energy levels instead of suck them dry. Swap heavy carbs for almonds, fruits and other snacks.

Make an effort to gain more energy naturally instead of constantly resorting to quick fixes and you will notice that your energy levels begin to rise. You will also notice that you begin to have more energy overall, without experiencing significant drops in your energy levels every day!

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5 New Summer Foods You Must Try


Summer is the perfect season for indulging in deliciously fresh, ripe fruits and vegetables. Farmers markets are packed with round, delectable tomatoes and peaches bursting with flavor. But what if you’re craving something a little bit different this summer? Here are five amazing new foods that you’ve got to try at least once this season!

Dragon Fruit         

This vibrantly colored fruit is actually a member of the cactus family. It’s hot pink and green skin gives way to a crunchy, sweet white flesh that tastes similar to a pear or a kiwi.

How To Use: Try dragon fruit in a smoothie or juice drink.

Blood Oranges

Blood oranges are a delicious variation on traditional oranges and have deep scarlet red sections hidden beneath the customary orange skin. Packed full of the antioxidant anthocyanin (the component responsible for its maroon colored flesh), this fruit is sweeter than your average orange.

How To Use: Blood oranges are excellent when eaten like a typical orange, or you can juice them to make a healthy, delicious tasting fresh blood orange juice.

Red Pummello

Do you love the flavor of grapefruit but hate how bitter it can be? Try a red pummello. Their flavor is quite similar to that of a grapefruit, but are significantly sweeter.

How To Use: These are easy to peel, and you can eat like a typical grapefruit with just a light dusting of sugar. You can also add them to juices instead of oranges or other citrus fruit.

White Asparagus

White asparagus has the same flavor as your typical green asparagus, but are much more tender and considered a delicacy in Europe. This type of asparagus is actually grown without exposing the plant to the sun’s rays, which keeps it from producing green chlorophyll.

How To Use: Steam or grill like traditional asparagus. White asparagus will maintain its blanched appearance even after cooking. Do not overcook, or they will become soggy.


A tomatillo is a staple in Mexican cuisine and looks like a little, firm green tomato with a thin husk. They are more tart than a typical tomato and have a full, round flavor.

How To Use: Chop and add to Mexican dishes. Tomatillos are more flavorful when cooked until soft.

This summer, keep an eye out for new foods you can try. More fruits and vegetables are available in the summer, and you can create a truly diversified diet rich in nutrients simply by trying foods you’ve never tried before!

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Why Diets Fail

If you are exclusively dieting to achieve a weight loss goal, I have some bad news for you.

You’re going to fail. It’s inevitable. Why?

 The answer begins and ends with your metabolism – the higher it is, the more calories your body requires even in a resting state. Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is determined by many things such as body composition, genetics, activity level and more. And sustained dieting – especially very low calorie dieting – causes your metabolism to drop like a ton of bricks. When you severely restrict the amount of calories you take in, think about the message you are sending your body. You are quite literally starving yourself, and the body responds by becoming extremely efficient at conserving energy and storing the food it receives as fat.

Furthermore, when you diet, you may think the scale reflects lost body fat, but in reality, the body will use both fat and lean muscle for its energy needs (keep in mind that the more lean mass you have, the higher your RMR will be).  So, when you inevitably resume your old eating habits, your decimated RMR ensures that all the weight comes back, and then some. Crash dieting is a temporary fix to a permanent problem (an unhealthy lifestyle) and is an exercise in frustration.

To truly change your body and improve your health, you need to make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. That means regular exercise and eating a well-balanced diet over an extended period of time. Be realistic – if you are constantly hungry, you won’t stay on that diet for long. Starving yourself is not the answer. Instead, the answer is the largely the same as it’s always been: regular exercise combined with a diet rich in meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits and nuts and low in sugar and processed food. In short, eat real, healthy food until you’re full, not stuffed.

A smart diet will keep you feeling full and provide the energy you need for an active lifestyle.

Regular exercise – especially resistance training – will help you achieve a small calorie deficit as well as keep your metabolism elevated.

 It’s a simple plan, but certainly not an easy one to maintain on your own. If you’re serious about making a commitment to weight loss, talk to a personal trainer. They’re certified professionals who can put you on a unique exercise prescription, in addition to providing the motivation and accountability you need to stick to a long term plan.

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