Ways to Manage Stress


No matter who are you, everyone deals with stress. Stress can be defined as the body’s reaction to everyday challenges, and in our modern society, stress is an ever-present part of life. However, the danger comes with trying to take on too much. Chronic stress can lead to physical and emotional problems that will impact your health, relationships, and overall well-being. Women especially might feel the pressure to take on too much as they try to juggle their career, families, and lives.

The good news is that stress can be managed. Here are some ways to manage stress if you find yourself overburdened and overwhelmed:

  • Take Care of Yourself – The fundamental key to managing stress in your life starts with taking care of yourself, meaning, first of all, that you take care of your physical needs. If you find yourself skipping meals or sleep, that is a sure sign you are trying to do too much. Eat healthy, well-balanced meals and make time to get physical exercise at least three times a week. Sleeping is essential to fighting stress. It is the time that you restore your body and let it repair itself. You can not function properly if you are not well rested.
  • Make Time to Pamper Yourself – One of the best ways to relieve stress is to make time to do fun activities or things that help you to relax like meditation or going for a walk. Your idea of pampering yourself might be a day at the spa or retail therapy. In any case, treat yourself to something nice and put your to-do list away for a while.
  • Reach Out to Others – When our lives get busy, we can tend to isolate ourselves and put our relationships on the back burner. Sometimes you just need to call your best friend, go out to coffee with a supportive family member, or make time for a date night with your significant other. Relationships are beneficial in that they not only enrich our lives but they also fortify us against stress.
  • Learn to Say No – You might be trying to take too much because you haven’t learned how to set up boundaries in your life. This means being able to say no to demands and activities that you already do not have time for. Stand up for yourself and learn what you can handle.

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How To Meet Your New Years Weight Loss Goals Without Diet Pills


Diet pills are often touted as a great way to lose weight quickly, without a lot of hard work, but in all actuality, diet pills can be dangerous to use and the effects don’t last very long. Once you stop taking the diet pills, the weight you lost (which often isn’t much in the first place and is mostly water weight anyways) usually comes right back and you’re forced to take the diet pills again to lose the weight and keep it off.

This is great for the diet pill companies, but not so great for your body and your overall health. Losing extra weight and maintaining a healthy weight is an important long term goal, but you don’t have to use diet pills to do it. If your New Year’s goal is to lose weight, you can do it without diet pills for longer lasting results! It may take some effort, but the hard work will be worth it come bikini season.

Calculate Your Basal Metabolic Rate

This is the amount of calories your body needs on a daily basis to perform basic functions like breathing and digestion. You can find a BMR calculator here. (http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/)

Reduce Your BMR By 500 Calories

You can lose weight fairly quickly if you create a 500 calorie daily deficit in your BMR. This forces your body to use the calorie stores your body has – also known as fat – to perform its daily functions. However, you don’t want to create a 500 calorie deficit in just your diet, or just exercise. Doing so is very hard to actually maintain. Who can truly stick to a 1100 calorie diet? It’s not healthy, first of all. And it’s really very difficult.

The best way to create the 500 calorie deficit is to do so by splitting up the calories between exercise and diet. Reduce your BMR by 250 calories and consume only that amount of calories a day. Then, make sure to burn at least 250 calories through exercise each day.

Losing weight may seem difficult at times, but it honestly is a simple mathematical equation. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight!

Always discuss any weight loss plan with your doctor first to determine the right plan for you and your body type. He or she can recommend the best foods to eat and forms of exercise for your specific health situation.

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Ensuring Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

Sure every woman has her fair share of pregnancy cravings, after all that’s half the fun of it. You are fully entitled to enjoy a few extra calories in the form of something delicious. There’s nothing wrong with letting yourself indulge a bit, but it’s when things get out of control that you need to worry. Not only can you pose potential harm to yourself if you eat too much of the wrong foods during pregnancy, but it can make for a very difficult transition afterwards too.

Making It Work for You

The truth is that you may have some foods that sound disgusting to you during pregnancy. That’s not only normal but fully expected! If for example you find chicken to be repulsive as many women do, don’t worry. There are plenty of other sources to find protein and you just need to focus in on them. If there are certain foods that you can’t stomach then find the substitutes in that food group to make up the nutritional equivalent.

There are always ways to ensure proper nutrition, even if it seems impossible. Don’t worry if those first few months are rough in holding down anything as it will almost always balance out. Just strive for the best possible nutrition at whatever point in the pregnancy you may happen to be at. When in doubt think back to your food pyramid that you likely used in school as a child and use that to provide some guidance.

Use the Guidelines

You want offerings from each of the food groups so that should include appropriate servings of each of the following:

  • Whole Grains: Be sure that you are choosing the right types of carbohydrates and you will get some excellent benefits. If you opt for whole grain breads, brown rice, and whole wheat pasta you will not only get a lot more nutrients but you will also get some fiber which is crucial for many pregnant women.
  • Dairy Products: These can be your lifeline for protein when all else fails. They can also provide you with some much needed calcium and Vitamin D which you need loads of during pregnancy. Opt for choices such as cottage cheese, yogurt, plenty of milk, and cheese.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: You want to focus a lot of your attention here as you can load up on these and get a lot of great nutrients. Mix it up and go for the more vibrant varieties as they are often loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Try to include fruits and vegetables at every meal and snack for a powerful punch.
  • Proteins: This is the area that most pregnant women tend to struggle with the most, but there is always something that can work for you. Try to aim for the healthiest of the proteins with choices such as salmon, chicken, beans, tofu, and lean beef. If you can’t handle one then try for another until you find the protein that you can handle and that gives you what you need.

As you make your way through your pregnancy your tastes are likely going to change. Just keep up with it and always keep these dietary needs in the back of your mind. Proper servings from each of the food groups will offer wonderful benefits to you during your pregnancy. The right foods will also help to ensure that your baby grows and develops properly and that it is a healthy and happy pregnancy for both of you!

The Mantra Method of Losing Weight

The Mantra Method of losing weight is a technique used by many where a person learns to believe the different aspects needed to lose weight. This can range from the belief of losing weight and the ability to simply follow a diet. The idea behind the mantra method is that if an individual says something several times a day, then he or she will begin to believe it.

In order for this method to be effective, you have to state a sentence or two that envelopes your weight loss ideals or beliefs in a positive manner, and you must say them several times a day to achieve best results. You should place this mantra somewhere where it is easy to see and will be seen multiple times a day.

As I stated earlier, it is important that the mantra is positive and completely motivational and uplifting. This should be phased as “I Will” or “I Can” and maintain that positive tone throughout the phrase. Here are some examples of what not to do and what to do for the different mantras.

DON’TS in Mantras
“I will not weigh X amount another day.”
“I will not eat more than 500 calories a day.”
“I will not allow people to offset me from my goal.”
“I will dance and not stay still.”

DOS in Mantras
“I will lose weight with the [insert name of a particular diet, i.e. HcG] diet.”
“I will maintain a diet of 500 calories for the duration of 2 weeks.”
“I will exercise daily and maintain a healthy metabolism.”
“I will maintain my enthusiasm throughout my new life choice.”
“I look forward to reaching my desired weight.”
“I will lose X amount of weight.”

Another good idea for handling and hurdles you may encounter is to create a food and emotion journal that is specifically geared towards the diet protocol that you are using. This can be done by using a simple chart or just writing notes in your journal. This chart will show you your weight loss progress, help you to express how you feel and give you ideas about how to make the process easier for yourself. Feel free to continue this chart for as many days as your diet lasts. Good luck!

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Tips for making healthy fast food decisions

It’s important to learn how to make more health-conscious choices when eating out, especially at fast food restaurants. Yes, it is possible to eat fast food and keep it healthy as long as you take the time to check the nutritional content of all your favorite fast food meals. This is especially important if you have a specific dietary concern, like diabetes, health problems or are trying to lose weight.

By going into a fast food restaurant unprepared, you risk giving into temptation and making unhealthy food choices. Making common-sense and health-conscious decisions can go a long way. For instance, did you know that a salad (yes, a salad) can be very bad for someone trying to maintain a low fat diet if it’s smothered in high-fat dressings. Somehow, we look at the salad and think, “I can’t go wrong with all of these fresh vegetables!”, but then you go and add all those toppings; fried meats, fatty sauces, and so on and so forth. You have to make sure that your toppings are grilled and light, otherwise, your salad is no better than that double cheeseburger!

Another important consideration is your serving size. Be sure to not keep eating just because the food your ordered is more than you anticipated. Rather, pack some of it up and save it for later or the next day or order smaller portions next time.

Quick tips for healthy eating at fast food restaurants
As much as we try and say we’ll never step foot into a fast food restaurant, with our busy lifestyles, sometimes it’s inevitable. Follow the tips below and you’ll never have to worry about going into a fast food restaurant ever again!

  • Be careful with your decisions when choosing food from the menu. Don’t just order something because the picture looks tasty, but pay attention to what’s written under or beside the picture—what it is you’re actually eating. So, what sort of dishes should you make an effort to avoid? Any food with the words: “deep-fried”, “pan-fried”, “creamy”, “batter-tipped”, “scalloped”, “breaded” – can you see a pattern in the type of foods you should be avoiding? All of these foods are very high in calories and contain a lot of unhealthy fats and sodium. When picking your meal, opt for meals that contain more vegetables and stick to the leaner meats.

  • Eliminate sodas from your diet completely. You have no idea how many calories are jam-packed in your soda (actually, some people do and they still drink soda with their meals!). Did you know that a seemingly innocent 32 ounce cup of cola is packed with more than 425 calories!? That’s approximately one quarter of your daily calorie intake. Still want a drink with your meal? There’s nothing better than regular H2O, but if you’re looking for something a little tastier, add some lemon with your water or order unsweetened ice tea.

  • Avoid those dressings! Even though a salad may appear to be your healthiest choice, even that can be cleverly packed with calories and other unhealthy fats with fatty dressings and fried toppings. While a grilled chicken sandwich seems like a healthy choice, pack it with two spoonfuls of mayonnaise and you have yourself a bad and unhealthy choice. Better condiment choices would be ketchup or mustard, but you still want to control how much goes into your sandwich. Remember, too much of anything is unhealthy.

  • Don’t be embarrassed to ask for special orders. For instance, if the grilled chicken sandwich you ordered comes with mayonnaise, and a large handful of French fries, you can always tell them that you don’t want mayonnaise with your sandwich and you want to replace the French fried with a salad.  Go one step further and instead of those unhealthy dressings, ask for olive oil and vinegar in your salad instead. If the dish you chose is usually prepared in a lot of oil or butter, steam or broil the food instead.

  • Pay attention to the portion of your dish! On average, a single fast food dish can contain anywhere from 1000 calories and up so it’s important that you don’t choose a meal that is too large. Instead of opting for fries, go with a salad and keep all your portions small or medium—that means no large or double portions! If the meal is large enough for two, share a dish with someone else, whether it’s your colleague at work or your husband; or let the restaurant pack half the food and take it with you for later.

Fast food is generally already high in sodium so pay attention to how much salt you eat. Salt is one of the main factors that cause high blood pressure among other health issues. Don’t make things worse by adding even more salt to your food.

As tempting as they are, try to stay away from buffets. While buffets seem like a cheap way to eat a lot, in the end, you’re eating more calories than you should/need. Buffets encourage us to eat more than we would usually—so if you do end up going to a buffet, choose foods that aren’t drained in dressings, pick boiled and steamed over fried. And most importantly, don’t go back to the buffet for seconds—of course, this is the whole point of going to a buffet, so at least wait for 15 to 20 minutes before going for seconds to make sure that you’re really hungry.

  • Take it slowly. So many people swallow down their food without chewing it properly. Never rush your food. This will also help you to pay attention to the food you eat so that you can stop eating the moment you feel full.

Finally, think of eating out as a treat. If you know that you’re going to be eating out, prepare in advance and eat light the day before (and after). Even though moderation is the key, planning ahead of time and making health-conscious decisions regarding the food you order can go a long way to help you maintain your health and keep your calorie count under check.

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