Squeezing in workouts during your busiest times.


For many of us it feels like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. We feel stretched in a million different directions and aren’t sure where to focus our efforts. This is a common sentiment, particularly among women who have multiple responsibilities to manage. So as you think of time for yourself it may feel that this is an impossible situation. If that sounds familiar, then how exactly are you supposed to find time to exercise?

With all of the things that we have to manage and get done on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that the workouts that we long for simply aren’t part of the equation. We often put them aside because there’s something we have to handle for work or for the family and so the workout feels more like a luxury. The truth is however that if you want to maintain proper physical and mental strength, then workouts are an essential aspect of your daily life.

Taking the Initiative and Recognizing the Results

First and foremost you must recognize just how important workouts are. You are not going to lose weight, change your body, or stay healthy in the short or long term without them. Sure there may be days where you simply don’t have the time to dedicate to a full workout, but there’s always a way to stay active. You must recognize and appreciate the importance of a workout first and foremost if you hope to get results.

You also need to focus in on the types of results that you actually want. These are bound to change and so there should be goals to support them. You may find that initially you want to lose weight. That may evolve into wanting to maintain your results and then build muscle on top of things. You might even find that as you move forward you simply can’t function properly mentally or physically without a workout, and so you need to take inventory if you hope to always find time to incorporate these important workouts.

Looking Into Alternative Times As Necessary

Sure before kids or your high demand career you may have had time to hit the gym after work each day. As your life evolves and you add new responsibilities and commitments to your daily routine, you may need to get creative with your routine and how you time them however.

 You may find that a 6:00 am boot camp session is not only a great way to get up and get moving, but it may also fit nicely into your routine and allow you to squeeze something in. Previously you may have never thought that you could workout in the evening, first thing in the morning, or even at lunch time but hectic schedules call for some flexibility. Be ready to plan around your workouts and you are much more likely to fit them into your day with ease.

Always Focusing On Being Active Throughout Your Day

When the gym simply can’t fit into your schedule then get creative. Look for opportunities to be active all day long. Park a distance from the door so you can get in a walk whenever possible. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and try to get in opportunities to be active throughout the entire day.

When all else fails look for items that you can lift at home or at the office for a bit of strength training. Get in a round of pushups, sit ups, and high knees in a hotel room or in your own bedroom. Where there’s a will there’s a way and so if you can learn to make your workouts a priority then you will always find some way to be active and stay strong.

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How to get the bikini body you’ve always wanted


Bikini season is coming and unfortunately, after a couple of days…ahem, weeks…of indulging for the holidays, you’re likely looking at your itty bitty, teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini with fear and loathing. There’s no way you’ll look good in that come summer, right?


Here’s how you can slim down, tone up and shed those extra few pounds before you have to don…dun, dun, dun…the bikini.

Up Your Water Intake

This is one simple thing you can do to start detoxifying your body and shedding the extra weight. A lot of it is actually water weight, because so many of our holiday foods are chock full of salt and sodium. It seems as though drinking more water to get rid of water weight is counterintuitive, but it’s not. The extra water will help flush out the salt in your body, which will help you retain less water. ‘

Nix The Carbs

Okay, so you don’t have to eliminate carbs completely. But swapping rice or pasta for more veggies and using whole wheat products instead of white are all steps you can take to start getting rid of the extra fat around your midsection.

Start Walking

Walking is an easy exercise that you can do almost anytime, anywhere. You can do it on your lunch break at work (walk around the office a few times), in the morning or even at home if you have a treadmill. When done correctly, walking will not only burn calories, it will also help tone your bod. Walk quickly, keeping your arms at a ninety degree angle. Maintain good posture and suck your stomach in!

Slow Down When Eating

It takes twenty minutes for your brain to figure out that your stomach has enough food in it. So if you cram your face with an entire meal in ten, you’ll think you’re still hungry and eat way more than you really should. Portion your meal out with how much you want to eat and then take at least twenty full minutes eating it. Sip water and set your fork down a few times in between bites.

Get A Pedicure

Getting a pedicure won’t help you lose weight, but it will help you feel more fabulous in your bikini. Not only will a pedicure make you feel fantastic, you’ll love looking at the summery splash of color on your tootsies. Having gorgeous looking toes does wonders for your self-esteem and will encourage you in your endeavor to get the bikini body you’ve always wanted!

Committed to your success,

Stacy Papakostas

NYC Adventure Boot Camp for Women

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How to improve your health FAST juicing


Losing weight isn’t as important as being healthy, and in today’s world, being healthy is actually quite difficult. It’s hard to find time to exercise and cook healthy meals, and foods that you can pick up on the way home from work or on the way to the kids’ soccer practice are chock full of fat, calories and preservatives. Nutrients are hard to come by in convenience foods, and vitamin supplements can provide some of what you need, but the body doesn’t absorb them as well as it does nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables.

However, there’s something you can do about it – you don’t have to stay stuck in this rut forever! Juicing is the fastest, healthiest way to improve your nutrient intake, lose weight and feel better. You can get the nutrients of pounds of fruits and vegetables in a few glasses of juice, and there’s no way that you could possibly physically eat that much fruit or vegetables in a single day.

Adding fresh juices to your diet will increase the amount of healthy nutrients you consume each day, helping you to feel better and have more energy. If you choose to do a complete juice fast, say for 3, 10 or even 30 days, you can lose a significant amount of weight in addition to boosting your nutrient intake. You can try substituting one meal out of your day with a juice. Juice fasting will detoxify your liver and other vital organs, ridding your body of waste products and toxins. Juice fasting can be difficult, but your body will thank you for it later!

Fruits And Vegetables That Are Good For Juicing:

Carrots – Beta Carotene and Vitamin A (detoxifies the liver)

Beets – Betalains (boosts your body’s natural detox enzymes)

Cabbage – (helps to remove environmental estrogens from plastics)

Greens – Chlorophyll (cleanses the blood)

Apples & Grapefruit – Vitamin A, Potassium

Kale – Calcium, Vitamin K, A, & C, and Lutien

Blueberries – B Vitamins, Antioxidants

Ginger – Boosts the immune system and reduces inflamation

Oranges – Vitamin C

Pineapple & Pomegranates – Folic Acid, Antioxidants

Celery – Calcium

Juicing is an excellent way to improve your health, regulate your blood pressure, increase fiber intake and build the immune system. People who incorporate fresh juices into their diets or begin a juice fast report feeling more energized and healthier within just a day or two! Prolonged juicing will help you to trim unwanted fat off of your body naturally, and help to keep toxins from building up in your vital organs.

The endless combinations are also a good way not to get bored.  If you haven’t tried juicing yet, go for it! It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your health! 

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Holiday Cocktails, what to avoid!


It is only fair that you get to have a cocktail or two during the holidays (hey, it’s a party, right?!), but you’d be surprised at how many calories and carbs a single cocktail can pack. Avoid these fattening cocktails and choose a lighter option instead that will leave you missing the calories – not the alcohol. On second thought, you won’t even miss the calories.

Don’t Drink: Long Island Iced Tea

Sporting 200 more calories than a Big Mac, the Long Island Iced Tea is the most fattening cocktail out there at 780 calories. This is definitely one you want to skip.

Instead, Drink: Rum And Diet Coke

At about 100 calories for a 5 ounce glass, you can enjoy a couple of these totally guilt free. Why drink 800 calories worth of liquor in one drink if you can have more for less?

Don’t Drink: White Russian

Liquor and cream? Think over 500 calories. Ouch!

Instead, Drink: White Wine Spritzer

Okay, so it’s not creamy, but you’re not going to get a creamy cocktail for under 80 calories – but you can with a dry white wine spritzer!

Don’t Drink: A Margarita

Margaritas are awesome. They’re also 550 calories each. Do you really want to use all your liquor calories in just one drink?

Instead, Drink: A Mimosa

This popular morning favorite can be sipped any time of day, especially for just 150 calories. You can drink almost four mimosa to a single margarita!

Don’t Drink: Pina Colada

With coconut milk, a sugary pre-mix and lots of rum, this cocktail easily packs a whopping 640 calories!

Instead, Drink: Skinny Colada

This is one cocktail substitute that will still allow you to get your pineapple and coconut fix, with a fewer calories. By substituting pineapple and coconut flavored vodkas and club soda, you can get all the pina colada flavor for just 170 calories.

Don’t Drink: Mai Tai

At 350 calories, you could definitely do worse than a Mai Tai, but why even go that far?

Instead, Drink: Summer Peach

Still fruity, still fun, but at 150 calories each, you can have two Summer Peach cocktails for less calories than a single Mai Tai.

Just because you’re watching your waistline (or trying to lose weight come New Year’s!) doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few cocktails during the holidays. Just be smart about what you choose and remember to always drink responsibly!

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The Top 6 Healthy Foods to Have Everyday

Many people believe that eating healthy foods is tied to weight loss or special conditions like pregnancy and illness. However, there are many foods that can and should be consumed daily for optimal health and wellness. They are nutrient-dense, pretty affordable, and can be easily incorporated into many recipes. The six of these healthy foods are listed below.

1. Apples

How many times have you heard the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”?  This fruit has been known to lower high blood pressure and reduce inflammation in the body. Apples also contain antioxidants and immune system-boosting vitamin C. The fiber found in apples is an excellent source for regularity of the digestive tract and the pectin in apples breaks down gall stones allowing them to be passed with minimal discomfort. One of the top varieties is the Red Delicious and is best when eaten fresh. To avoid ingesting the heavy pesticides, buy organic whenever possible.

2. Bananas

In addition to being an excellent source of potassium, bananas have a wide variety of health benefits that include: balancing blood pressure, improving heart health, soothing ulcers, improving waste elimination, protecting eyesight, building stronger bones and improving kidney health. Bananas tend filling and satisfying. As an ice cream substitute, peel, slice, and freeze 2 medium bananas. Remove from the freezer and either blend or run through a food processor until smooth.

3. Lemons

Widely known for its vitamin C content, lemons neutralize free radicals which can cause tissue inflammation and cancer. They are wonderful examples of healthy foods that can be consumed daily. Upon rising each morning, squeeze the juice of one lemon into 8-16 ounces of water and drink. In addition to boosting the immune system, the citric acid rids the intestinal tract of harmful parasites.

4. Carrots

Carrots are healthy foods that contain high amounts of vitamins A, C, and K and other minerals such as potassium, folate, and manganese. Health benefits from eating carrots include improved eyesight, reduced acne breakouts, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer prevention. (Hester, 2007). Carrot ginger soup is one great way to enjoy all of these benefits. Peel and slice 4 large carrots, add 1 tablespoon of fresh minced ginger,  ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and salt to taste. Combine all ingredients in a pot and cover with 6 cups of water. Boil until just tender. Blend until smooth and enjoy!

5. Spinach

Spinach contains vitamins A, C, and K as well as calcium, folate, potassium, phosphate, selenium, and iron. Spinach is high in antioxidants, has powerful cancer-fighting agents, has anti-inflammatory properties and is excellent for bone health. Eat it fresh in salads, lightly sauteed, or even juice it along with carrots, apples, lemon, and ginger to cleanse your system and boost your energy levels.

6. Quinoa

Quinoa is a protein-packed grain that contains fewer carbohydrates and more healthy fats than any other grains and meats. It is gluten-free and has high concentrations of iron, calcium, potassium, and fiber. Quinoa is high in antioxidants and heart-healthy. Use quinoa as a side dish or as a base for meatless dishes like bean burgers.

These six foods can be used in a variety of recipes and can also be enjoyed as side dishes or snacks. By consuming a variety of these nutrient-dense, healthy foods, the body will be able to heal itself and move quickly along the path to vibrant health.

If you are in New York City and interested in joining an all woman’s boot camp  please visit NYC ADVENTURE BOOT CAMP, mention that you found us through our blog for and extra 15% off a membership. Come work out like a GIRL!!!

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