Why Drinking Water Is Important

You hear it all the time and yet so few of us actually practice it on a daily basis. Drinking water is fundamentally important to your body and to your health. Though we may recognize this in theory for some reason many of us don’t practice it. Sure you need to get used to drinking a great deal of water in a day, but it truly does a body good.

Drinking water is fundamentally important but becomes even more critical during the hot summer months and around the time of day that you workout. You have a lot taken out of the body and so you must replace it, and truthfully water is the very best way to do so. If you aren’t in the habit of drinking water throughout the day then it’s time to get focused. This may be one of the best things that you do for your health and therefore is a lifesaver in many different ways.

It Helps You to Avoid Dehydration

The single most important reason to drink water is to avoid dehydration. Most of us don’t realize just how devastating dehydration can be to a body and therefore we perhaps underestimate this problem overall. Water can help to keep the organs functioning properly and ensure that dehydration never happens to you. This becomes even more important when it’s hot outside as the heat can take away from your body and its ability to function normally.

When you drink water you can very easily replace what you may lose due to sweating in the hot summer months. This is also key during the times of a workout when you are sweating and losing a lot during the times when you challenge your body. When you get dehydrated it can be mild at first but left untreated may land you in the hospital. Therefore the more water you drink the less likely you are to get dehydrated.

It Keeps You Replenished and Ensures The Body Doesn’t React Unfavorably

In cases of extreme dehydration you may find that the organs shut down. The body can’t operate properly if it is not kept hydrated and healthy. Therefore you need to turn to water to ensure that this is not a healthy problem that can have more dire long term consequences. Though these may be extreme cases dehydration in any form is not something that you want to experience.

The body can overcompensate if you don’t drink enough water. This shows up when you get bloated and swollen from the heat. If you are drinking enough water then this will not likely happen. If however you are not giving your body the amount of water that it needs it will respond unfavorably and swelling is only the start of the real problem. If you want to ensure that your body continues to operate properly and that you don’t have any unsavory consequences then water is your best friend.

It Cleanses and Contributes to Energy and Weight Loss

What many people don’t realize about water is that it helps the body to get rid of the toxins and other substances that it doesn’t need. It helps to transport out the items that are bad for your body and therefore helps to contribute to a great natural cleanse. This may not be felt readily but over time you can see some very positive results when you turn to water for natural cleansing.

You will also find that drinking water before and after meals helps you to feel full faster. This in turn lends way to more effective and longer term weight loss. It also helps to give you more energy as water is helping you to avoid dehydration. You can power through a day and just have more clarity as you move about your daily activities. So while you may not be prepared for how powerful water can be in your life, it’s time to get focused and start making this a regular fixture in your day.

How are you feeling about your fitness level? Do you have any goals that you want to reach for summer? Please contact me, Stacy Papakostas for a FREE consultation.

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The Importance of Strength Training in Your Exercise Regimen

You hear more and more about strength training as part of a proper exercise regimen. First and foremost it’s essential to be exercising on a regular basis as part of a healthy lifestyle. Beyond that though you do want to be certain that you are incorporating both cardio and weight training for the best possible results.

Though you may not realize it, strength training can offer benefits that you never thought possible. Sure cardio will help you to burn calories, but so does weight training. Far too many people, particularly women, have a vision of weight training leading to a big, bulky, and far too muscular physique. Here at NYC Adventure Boot Camp, we know that it’s not the norm and as a matter of fact strength training as part of a well planned fitness regimen can change your body in a very positive and desirable way.

It Helps Build Muscle—and That is a Big Deal

You may not want to be big and bulky, but you do want to have muscle on your body. This is what turns a regular body into a well toned and chiseled body and therefore muscle is something that you want to work for. Though cardio can help with burning calories, it alone will not help you to build the muscle that you ultimately want.

You do want to be sure that you focus on the body as a whole so that you build up muscle in the best way possible. This isn’t about spot training but rather taking on weight training as something for your body in its entirety. You want to consider this as a conditioning type of exercise where you really concentrate on the muscle that you are trying to transform in each and every exercise.

It Will Help You to Burn Calories and Shed Fat

You can use cardio to help you burn calories, and muscle training can help with that as well. When you lift weights you are burning some serious calories and that’s often overlooked. You are also able to shed fat from the body in a highly effective manner. So every time you lift those weights you are doing something extraordinary for your health and for your body.

If you are involved in a well planned weight training ritual then you are going to burn more calories than you think. Contact Stacy Papakostas and she will design a well balanced exercise plan that fits your body and goals. Weight training can absolutely be a good cardiovascular activity; it just takes on a different approach than cardio activities alone. You may find that weight training is also more effective at actually shedding fat from the body than just doing cardio alone.

It Will Transform Your Body in a Way You Never Dreamed Possible

When you think of what you want your body to look like you probably have a vision in mind. Use this as your ultimate goal and then recognize that the only way to get there is to combine calorie burning cardio with fat burning weight training. You not only want to build muscle but you want to first get rid of the fat that lies beneath the surface as well.

The more muscle that you build, the faster your metabolism becomes. The faster that your metabolism becomes the more calories you burn. Muscle will ultimately burn more calories than fat and therefore when you transform your body you become a fat burning machine. If you want to truly transform your body and reach your ultimate goals then weight training must be a strong focus within your fitness regimen.

 How are you feeling about your fitness level? Do you have any goals that you want to reach for summer? Please contact me, Stacy Papakostas for a FREE consultation.

If you are in New York City and interested in joining an all woman’s boot camp or Fitness Boxing Classes please visit NYC ADVENTURE BOOT CAMP, mention that you found us through our blog for and extra 15% off a membership. Come work out like a GIRL!!!

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Want to Start the New Year with a Bang?


Far too many women wait until the New Year to jump start their new workout regimen. If you have been lacking on the exercise or if you haven’t been quite as diligent as you used to then the truth is that there is no time like the present. The thing is this—if you get moving and start working towards fitness you are going to look way better in that holiday attire. Not only that but you are going to start the New Year with a huge advantage and a killer body.

No More Excuses

It doesn’t matter how much progress you have to make, it’s all about getting started. When we procrastinate (as we all have) and say that we’ll do it another day or we’ll start the diet on Monday, we are letting ourselves down. If we learn to take action now then there is no stopping us. We can get back that amazing feeling that exercise offers us and start to plow through the Holiday season with a vengeance.

Admittedly the Holiday season can be tough in terms of weight loss and staying fit. Let’s face it we all have some weakness whether it’s a bit of “special” eggnog, far too many Christmas cookies, too many huge Holiday dinners, or just some good home cooking. We may eat until we feel like we’re going to be sick but if we learn to embrace fitness now it will make our transition through the Holiday season a much easier one.

Don’t Let the Temptations Overtake You This Time

Think about this scenario—you’re sitting at the Thanksgiving table staring that scrumptious meal in the face. It is staring you down as you start to calculate all the calories you’re about to consume in your head. What if you got a good workout in that morning? What if you had already started working on portion control? If you began your fitness and proper eating regimen here and now then you would be able to make it through that meal flawlessly—and you wouldn’t have those familiar pangs of guilt the next day either!

Fitness regimen means just that—working out no less than five days a week and incorporating strength training and cardio as part of every workout. This can be done no matter how busy your lifestyle or what you have going on. If you start to get into those good habits now then you can allow yourself a little splurge without feeling guilty. You can then get back onto that treadmill or hit that gym without wanting to put it off until the New Year!

You Will Like What You See

You will look stunning in that gorgeous black dress that you have specifically for the Holiday parties. Why? Because you have a good start and an amazing advantage going into the Holidays rather than waiting for the pounds to pack on after the fact. You will notice some major differences in your body and in the way that your clothes fit. In just a few short weeks you can gain some confidence, shed some pounds, and feel far more confident in your own skin.

 So why wait until after the New Year? There is no time like the present to get moving and to get into a great fitness regimen. This will make the Holiday season jollier and ensure that you start the New Year with a banging body!

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How Are Your Family And Friends Affecting Your Health and Well being? (PART 1)

Did you know that your personal relationships are the number one source of your happiness and misery? If you’ve gone through some kind of emotional turmoil, whether it’s a divorce, a death or something else, you can probably attest to the stress, grief and unhappiness that accompanies any of these events. On the other hand, supportive friendships, a loving significant other and having children can all be happy events in a person’s life.

Having positive relationships with those closest to you is very important. Every day we mix with so many people – work colleagues, family members, boyfriends, girlfriends, husband and wife. Think about all the people in your life: each one has a profound negative or positive effect on you. You might socialize or be with these people because you want to or because you don’t have a choice. Either way, the people who you have daily relationship with can directly influence in your life and health.Positive Relationships Relationships, especially positive ones, are the backbone of our happiness and good health. In such relationships, the flow of love and support is profoundly deep and it’s these types of relationships we turn to when things in our life go wrong or when we’re experiencing tough challenges in our life, including our struggle with our weight.

Positive relationships are an essential part of your weight loss plan as they provide you with:

  • Security – knowing you have people who you can trust and support
  • Self-worth – you feel loved for being yourself
  • Respect – you know you can express your opinions safely and even if they are in disagreement about your opinions, you know your nearest and dearest will accept them graciously.
  • Encouragement – feeling the support and love from your family and friends when trying to lose weight is extremely important
  • Appreciation – feeling the time and effort you’re spending on losing weight is worth every minute

Exercises to Build Positive RelationshipsThe big question for every person is how to maintain good relationships.
Here a few tips:

1) Talk less and listen more. Listen without judgment, when someone is talking to you. Suspend the “judgment” voice in your head and refrain from giving your opinion.

2) Focus on the positive attributes of the relationship. Your thoughts dictate the way you feel and think about certain people. Try changing the inner dialogue to a positive one. Though it can be hard work, it is the key to changing your relationships.

3) Write down the names of 3 people who you have a close relationship with and their positive traits. See if you can incorporate their behavior into your personality

4) Maintain trust means keeping things private and personal. Don’t become a gossip monger about your family or friend’s issues – each one has taken the time and trouble to confide in you.

5) Be honest when asked for your opinion. Just make sure you delicately balance honesty without being too self-righteous. At the end of the day, they may not enjoy hearing the truth but they will respect you for being honest.

6) There are times when those closest to you will make your blood boil. In this scenario, excuse yourself and explain that you will need to calm down before you give a response. Sleep on the issue, rationalize the argument/discussion and then give a cool headed response. Remember, an angry response may jeopardize your relationship if you’re not careful.

Next week I will post PART 2

If you are in New York City and interested in joining an all women boot camp or fitness boxing classes please visit NYC ADVENTURE BOOT CAMP, mention that you found us through our blog for and extra 15% off a membership. Come work out like a GIRL!!!

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The Importance of Having a Support System

So many articles tap into what you can do to keep yourself motivated and focused on your goals, but one of the most important elements to motivation and focus is to have support from others.  Whether you are following a plan on your own or a part of a group such as NYC Adventure Boot Camp for Women, the support you receive will make all the difference in the world.

Face to Face Groups
You’ll be able to accomplish so much more from your diet and exercise plan if you are part of a group that meets regularly with others who are also trying to lose weight and get in shape.  NYC Adventure, for instance, offers not only an effective workout but support from the other campers.  You will all be in it together this will motivate you to succeed. Boot camps are great  for anyone who loves to be in a  group and does well sharing their struggles with others to gain insight and encouragement.  You will make friends with people with similar fitness and health goals.

Online Groups
Another source for weight loss support is searching for websites that are not affiliated with a particular weight loss program but is related to a particular condition or group.  Examples may be a diabetic support group, fibromyalgia; hypertension, arthritis, as well as groups of people with a common connection such as stay at home moms, working moms, bicyclists, and hikers and so on.    All these individuals usually have a common need to watch their weight or to lose weight.  They offer support and advice when it is most convenient for them, but you can still share your issues and concerns and get feedback and support from people on the same boat.  While you may never meet these people in person, they can become very important to your weight loss success very quickly.  Many find this type of online support group better than trying to connect in person with face to face groups.  If small talk is difficult for you, online communities are an excellent choice.

Family and Friends in Your Own Community
There may be a group in a local church, not necessarily your own church, that can offer you the information and support that you will need to become successful in your weight loss endeavors.  Many times not knowing the person very well gives them and you the opportunity to look at situations and issues objectively.  Sometimes when you are in a support group with your friends you tend not to be as objective and honest with them or them with you.  This is not because of malicious intent, but because you don’t want to be harsh on them or hurt their feelings—you’re only goals may be to make them feel better and he same goes for them.

That’s doesn’t mean you should overlook your friends and family.  Many friends and family want what is best for you and will support you.  They want you to succeed because they probably know better than anyone else how those extra pounds are affecting your health and self-esteem.  You can ask your friends and family to support you in specific ways.  For instance, ask your spouse to go for a walk with you when you need your exercise on a daily basis.  Or ask your spouse to clean up the kitchen so you can go to the gym or for a walk with a neighbor.  Ask your friends to follow up with you about your diet and ask for specifics so that you will be motivated to want to share your accomplishments with them.  In fact, improving your diet and exercising regularly can be a group activity where your friends, spouse or family are on the same boat

In the end, it doesn’t matter where your support comes from as long as you have a support system that meets your needs and allows you to be successful.  If someone in your support group turns out to be less supportive than you initially thought they would be, find someone else to replace them.  Weight loss is difficult enough without having to worry about someone who is not fully supporting you by intentionally or unintentionally sabotaging your efforts!


If you are in New York City and interested in joining an all women boot camp or fitness boxing classes please visit NYC ADVENTURE BOOT CAMP, mention that you found us through our blog for and extra 15% off a membership. Come work out like a GIRL!!!

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