Super Foods You Should Be Eating


Super foods that Every Woman Should be Eating

We have all heard the term super food but might not know what that means. Super foods are those that provide a large amount of nutrients but are light on calories. Super foods often contain nutrients that we need which our bodies do not produce naturally. Also, if you are a woman, your body has needs for certain nutrients that may be different from what men need. Here are some of the super foods that every woman should be eating:

  • Blueberries –Studies have shown that blueberries help to lower blood pressure, improve motor skills, and prevent memory loss. Plus, these berries are rich in antioxidants that fight wrinkles and signs of aging, and they are low in calories. Although experts say that wild blueberries are the best, you can find fresh blueberries or frozen ones at almost any supermarket.
  • Broccoli – This dark green vegetable is rich in many nutrients that women need including calcium iron, potassium, fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C. There is also research that suggests eating broccoli can help prevent breast cancer by fighting excess levels of estrogen.
  • Walnuts – Walnuts are packed with all sorts of vitamins and minerals as well as fiber, protein, and heart-healthy omega-3s. Moreover, studies have shown that walnuts help to fight cancer, lower cholesterol, make your sleep better, and help you cope with stress so you don’t turn to junk food when upset or anxious.
  • Greek Yogurt – Not only is Greek yogurt delicious, but it is also high in calcium which is important to keep your bones strong and prevent osteoporosis. Plus, Greek yogurt is high in probiotics which helps to keep you regular and ease the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, a condition that affects mostly women.
  • Dark Chocolate – Yes, dark chocolate not only tastes amazing but it is good for you! Dark chocolate has a ton of antioxidants and has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. It also contains important minerals for strong bones including magnesium, zinc, copper, and phosphorus. Be sure to keep your daily intake to just one-quarter of an ounce!

Considering how good super foods taste it is not a chore to eat and take good care of your overall health. Try to think of foods as nutrients not only as a way to get “full”. Many foods have medicinal purposes and help ailments. Research your food a little, you will be surprised by what you may find.

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Combining Proper Nutrition and Portion Control for a Killer Combo


So many health experts out there focus on what you should be eating on a daily basis. As a result we tend to focus on the “what” in terms of proper eating, but an aspect that gets lost is often the “how”. We have heard it before that we need to be eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, but how do you make this happen and ensure proper portion control and combining all the right foods?

It takes good planning and a focus on the right way of eating combined together. So as you plan for your mini meals all day long it’s not just about eating the most nutritionally sound foods, but also ensuring that they are dished up in the proper amounts. Though this may sound like a lot of effort you tend to fall into it without any problems as you move forward. You will learn what a proper portion of food looks like and more importantly how to get the most out of your eating with every single meal.

Making Every Bite Count

This effort really focuses on the fact that there is no more mindless eating. There is no more standing up and eating or picking at food on the run. This means that you savor the taste of your food and ensure that you are truly getting something out of your meals. So every bite that you take should be accounted for and therefore give you some real value as well.

You can achieve this by combining food groups wherever possible. Not only do you ensure that you get everything that you need in a day in terms of nutrients, but you tend to create really powerful combinations as well. Think of how great a mini meal of an apple with peanut butter sounds. This incorporates a fruit, lean protein, and even fiber and it’s a very manageable portion. Start to focus on this philosophy and you are bound to come up with some combinations that you love and that are so good for you at the same time. That’s how you make every bite taste good and work for you at the same time!

Planning Ahead for the Best Meals

You can’t possibly get the most out of your meals if you don’t plan for each and every one. If you leave things to chance then you are inevitably going to cheat or give into your temptations or hunger pangs. So the more planning that you put forth the more health conscious foods that you eat and the more that you practice portion control overall.

You want to be searching for healthy recipes all the time from trusted resources. You want to make your grocery shopping really work for you. It’s also worth nothing that you must also ensure that every single meal that you eat is carefully crafted and put together with thought. You may need to actually portion your food at the beginning but you will eventually learn to eye things and give yourself what comprises a serving size. Planning ahead becomes part of your life and ensures that every single meal works for you and not against you.

Being Mindful of What You Eat….and How You Eat It

The more that you think about portion and nutrition, the more that you are going to be aware of what you are eating. This means that you won’t be tempted to eat the remaining food off of your kid’s plate. You won’t be as apt to cheat because you know that even a little cheat means extra calories that you don’t need. You will really learn to embrace what a well planned mini meal can do for you.

When you give proper thought to the food that you eat and the portion that you eat it in then you are practicing the most important aspects of healthy eating. This is a combined effort and you soon see that it’s not just about getting proper nutrients out of food but getting them in the proper amount. So think of how eating well and portion control can fit into your life and how you can get started with these concepts today.

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What to do if you ate too much over the holidays

Woman Over Eating

One of the best parts of the holidays is the food. From turkey to ham to mashed potatoes and gravy to sweet treats, it’s easy to overindulge on all the delicious food. If you ate too much over the holidays, you’re definitely not alone! But chances are, you’re probably miserable and have gained at least a couple pounds, if not more. Overeating during the holidays can run you down and make you tired, so here is an easy and inexpensive way to combat overindulging on all the holiday deliciousness.

Go On A Juice Cleanse

Juice cleansing, or juice fasting, is a popular way to detox your body after a weekend (or more!) of bad eating. If you overate during the holidays, you probably don’t even want to see food again for awhile, so a juice fast is a great way to get rid of the built up fats and toxins in your body. Most juice cleanses are 1-3 days, and you probably won’t need to go any longer than 3 days.

Although there are plenty of juice cleansing regimens out there with pre-made juices that you can purchase, they are quite expensive and actually unnecessary. You can use store bought juices as long as they don’t contain any (or a lot of) sugar. Vegetable juice like V-8 is awesomely satisfying, and fruit juices that aren’t from concentrate are great for the sweet tooth. You can also purchase a juicer if you don’t already have one and juice straight from fresh fruits and vegetables. This is an excellent way to do a juice cleanse as naturally as possible.

You can also drink as much unsweetened tea and water as you like. After your juice fast, you’re likely to feel tons better!

Sample Juice Cleanse Menu


  • 1 cup green tea, unsweetened with no cream
  • 1 8 oz. glass of grapefruit or orange juice


  • 1 8 oz. glass of green juice (Kale, Parsley, Celery & Apple)
  • 1 8 oz. glass of vegetable juice (Carrot, Cucumber, & Beets)
  • 1 4 oz. glass of cranberry or pomegranate juice


  • 1 8 oz. glass of strawberry-banana juice


  • 1 8 oz. glass of vegetable juice (Your favorite veggies will do)
  • 1 4 oz. glass of carrot-celery juice
  • 1 4 oz. glass of blueberry or orange juice

After your initial juice cleanse, switch to eating small portions of fresh foods like salads, lean meats and steamed vegetables. You can also replace one meal a day with a glass of juice – for example, swapping out a lunch salad with a large glass of vegetable juice – to stay detoxed and feeling fabulous.

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Holiday Cocktails, what to avoid!


It is only fair that you get to have a cocktail or two during the holidays (hey, it’s a party, right?!), but you’d be surprised at how many calories and carbs a single cocktail can pack. Avoid these fattening cocktails and choose a lighter option instead that will leave you missing the calories – not the alcohol. On second thought, you won’t even miss the calories.

Don’t Drink: Long Island Iced Tea

Sporting 200 more calories than a Big Mac, the Long Island Iced Tea is the most fattening cocktail out there at 780 calories. This is definitely one you want to skip.

Instead, Drink: Rum And Diet Coke

At about 100 calories for a 5 ounce glass, you can enjoy a couple of these totally guilt free. Why drink 800 calories worth of liquor in one drink if you can have more for less?

Don’t Drink: White Russian

Liquor and cream? Think over 500 calories. Ouch!

Instead, Drink: White Wine Spritzer

Okay, so it’s not creamy, but you’re not going to get a creamy cocktail for under 80 calories – but you can with a dry white wine spritzer!

Don’t Drink: A Margarita

Margaritas are awesome. They’re also 550 calories each. Do you really want to use all your liquor calories in just one drink?

Instead, Drink: A Mimosa

This popular morning favorite can be sipped any time of day, especially for just 150 calories. You can drink almost four mimosa to a single margarita!

Don’t Drink: Pina Colada

With coconut milk, a sugary pre-mix and lots of rum, this cocktail easily packs a whopping 640 calories!

Instead, Drink: Skinny Colada

This is one cocktail substitute that will still allow you to get your pineapple and coconut fix, with a fewer calories. By substituting pineapple and coconut flavored vodkas and club soda, you can get all the pina colada flavor for just 170 calories.

Don’t Drink: Mai Tai

At 350 calories, you could definitely do worse than a Mai Tai, but why even go that far?

Instead, Drink: Summer Peach

Still fruity, still fun, but at 150 calories each, you can have two Summer Peach cocktails for less calories than a single Mai Tai.

Just because you’re watching your waistline (or trying to lose weight come New Year’s!) doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few cocktails during the holidays. Just be smart about what you choose and remember to always drink responsibly!

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Exercising with a cold, should you do it?


With the change of season, we tend to get sick easily. One question I always get asked by my clients is whether to work out while feeling sick or just take it easy. Although more research is needed, the general guideline according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is that if you have symptoms of a common cold, with no fever and all symptoms above the neck, moderate exercise such as walking should be okay. However, if your symptoms include fever, extreme tiredness, muscle aches or swollen lymph glands you should refrain from exercise until you get better.

If you do have to take a week or two off because you’re feeling under the weather, it is important to start exercising slowly and gently.

Listen to your body and take it easy if your body temperature is at or above the 100.5 degrees F. The danger of working out with a fever, the ACSM says, is that you run the risk of kidney ailments, heatstroke and fluid balance problems as your temperature increases even higher.

If your temperature is normal, but you still feel under the weather, take the “neck check” to see whether you should exercise. If your symptoms are above your neck — sneezing, stuffy nose and watery eyes — by all means go ahead with your regular workout, the ACSM says. But if your symptoms are below the neck — nausea, achy muscles and coughing, all indications of the flu — you’re better off laying low for a couple of days. Your immune system is compromised with the flu, and if you work out, you won’t recover as well because a lot of the energy in your body is going to exercise, not recovery.

In both cases, it is important to remember to replenish your electrolytes. Keep these tips in mind:

  1. Avoid any liquids that contain caffeine. While liquid intake is essential during illness, liquids such as coffee or tea can increase dehydration.
  2. Sip on a sports drink. They are designed to re-hydrate and are enriched with electrolytes.
  3. Steer clear of sugary liquids like fruit juices when increasing the intake of liquids. The sugars can make vomiting and diarrhea worse, and provide no beneficial amounts of electrolytes. Instead, eat fresh fruits.

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