Staying Active in the Winter


As the seasons change and those of us in the northern hemisphere start to experience wet, cold weather, it can be more and more difficult to stay active. When the days start getting shorter and the weather grows increasingly colder, it is not easy to get outside in order to exercise or enjoy fun recreational activities. Furthermore, our bodies tend to slow down and we have the propensity to consume more calories during the winter in order to stay warm. This lack of exercise and the abundance of food during the holidays typically lead to weight gain and unhealthy habits.

In order to fight the wintertime bulge and overeating during the holidays, it is critical to stay active. Even though it is difficult to get outside for physical activities, here are some ways to get enough exercise during those bleak winter months:

  • Try Different Winter Sports – The winter offers all sorts of opportunities to get outside, even though it is cold. Recreational activities like downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ice skating, and snowshoeing are all great aerobic activities that burn lots of calories. The key is too not overdo it when you head back to the lodge for something warm to eat and drink.
  • Head Inside to the Gym – Gym membership typically increases in the winter months because people are trying to stay active. Joining a nearby gym or club will give you an option for indoor workouts whether it is the cardio machines or weight lifting. Many gyms also have pools so that you can swim indoors in the winter.
  • Join a Class – Many gyms or clubs also have group exercise classes like fitness boot camp, yoga, Pilates, strength training, cycling, and water aerobics. If your gym does not offer group exercise, many independent instructors offer their own classes in the area. The key is to find physical activities you enjoy and stick with it, even though it is harder to do so in the winter.

Besides the physical benefits, staying active in the snowy months can also help with beating the winter blues. So this winter stay motivated to get out and be active!

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