Ways to Manage Stress


No matter who are you, everyone deals with stress. Stress can be defined as the body’s reaction to everyday challenges, and in our modern society, stress is an ever-present part of life. However, the danger comes with trying to take on too much. Chronic stress can lead to physical and emotional problems that will impact your health, relationships, and overall well-being. Women especially might feel the pressure to take on too much as they try to juggle their career, families, and lives.

The good news is that stress can be managed. Here are some ways to manage stress if you find yourself overburdened and overwhelmed:

  • Take Care of Yourself – The fundamental key to managing stress in your life starts with taking care of yourself, meaning, first of all, that you take care of your physical needs. If you find yourself skipping meals or sleep, that is a sure sign you are trying to do too much. Eat healthy, well-balanced meals and make time to get physical exercise at least three times a week. Sleeping is essential to fighting stress. It is the time that you restore your body and let it repair itself. You can not function properly if you are not well rested.
  • Make Time to Pamper Yourself – One of the best ways to relieve stress is to make time to do fun activities or things that help you to relax like meditation or going for a walk. Your idea of pampering yourself might be a day at the spa or retail therapy. In any case, treat yourself to something nice and put your to-do list away for a while.
  • Reach Out to Others – When our lives get busy, we can tend to isolate ourselves and put our relationships on the back burner. Sometimes you just need to call your best friend, go out to coffee with a supportive family member, or make time for a date night with your significant other. Relationships are beneficial in that they not only enrich our lives but they also fortify us against stress.
  • Learn to Say No – You might be trying to take too much because you haven’t learned how to set up boundaries in your life. This means being able to say no to demands and activities that you already do not have time for. Stand up for yourself and learn what you can handle.

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