Ways to Feel Pretty at Any Age

ImageFeeling good about your body is one of the keys to maintaining your self-confidence. If you like how you look, you are usually happier with yourself and in life. However, as we age, our physical appearance changes and not always in good ways. We start to develop wrinkles, age spots, bulges, the skin loses its elasticity and glow, and our hair turns grey.  As you get older, you might find yourself increasingly unhappy with how you look but you should not. Aging is a natural process and something that should be embraced. Here are some tips to in order to feel pretty and accept the way you look:

  • Dress Up Every Now and Then – One of the best ways to feel good about your physical appearance at any age is to get dolled up for special occasions. Do your hair, put on makeup, and wear nice clothes. You can even do this whenever you feel like it. Just wearing a dressier outfit will give you more confidence throughout the day!
  • Vary Your Appearance and Clothes – We can often get stuck in the rut of looking the same way every day. Instead, take a little extra time in the morning to try different hairstyles and outfits. When you go shopping, make sure you find clothes that are flattering to your body type. If you need help with finding clothes or hairstyles that look good on you, it never hurts to ask someone!
  • Don’t Forget Diet and Exercise –Diet and exercise can make a huge difference on how our bodies look. Be sure to continue getting regular exercise and eating right. Although it won’t stop aging, diet and exercise can negate some of the effects getting older can have on your physical appearance and give you confidence too.
  • Learn to Love Your Body – Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of your body, learn to appreciate it for what it is. Focus on what you like about it. You can even say positive affirmations out loud. For example, stand in a mirror and say to yourself, “I have great legs!” or “I love how my hair looks.” This way, you can learn to accept your body no matter how old you are.

It is the little things in life that makes all the difference. Surround yourself with good friends that promote positivity. Practice staying calm and meditating. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Use sunscreen. Stay active, even if its a 20 minute walk around your neighborhood. These are the kind of actions that will help you stay feeling vibrant and healthy,

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