5 Simple Outdoor Exercises


Having a busy and active lifestyle is great, but oftentimes we forget to exercise and keep in shape. And with easy access to fast food and takeout, it’s simple to gain unwanted weight.

The gym is a great place to burn those calories, but it isn’t always the best option for everyone. You may not have time to spend on the treadmill or the luxury to sign up for a monthly membership. But do you really need equipment to get your sweat on? There are actually many simple outdoor exercises that you can do that don’t require a single monthly due or heavy equipment.

Here are five outdoor exercises you can do to achieve balance between work and health, no equipment required.

1. Daily Walks Around The Park

Whether you’re a single career woman or a mom to two, an hour-long stroll around the park every day is a great outdoor exercise that keeps you active and allows you to socialize with other people. You can walk briskly to your favorite song, or walk with your family and friends every weekend.

2. Running Up The Stairs

If you want to be resourceful, you can use any flight of stairs to exercise your leg muscles, front thighs, and calves. You can also build up endurance and stamina in every session. Taking the stairs or going up and down wide, public stairways are great options.

3. Jogging Or Sprinting Uphill

To speed things up, you can spend thirty minutes to an hour or two jogging around the neighborhood, city park, or similar locations. When you’re ready for a more intense challenge, you can sprint uphill, walk back down, and repeat.

4. Step-Ups

This may look like a simple outdoor exercise, but it actually takes great effort to accomplish. Pick out a large rock or bench and begin stepping up and down the platform with your back straight and head up. You can then change sides and repeat. Keep good posture and remember to breathe!

5. Swimming

Yes, you do need a large body of water to swim, but take note that swimming is one of the best outdoor sports to exercise your legs, chest, arms, back, and shoulders. Did you know that you can burn over 475 calories by swimming laps at the pool?

You don’t need large, bulky, and expensive equipment to keep yourself fit, trim and healthy. A well-balanced workout with just these simple outdoor exercises can do wonders for your body without busting your wallet or taking up space in your garage.

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