How to get your arms ready for tank top season


Spring is upon us and when the weather starts warming up, it’s time to happily pack away your sweaters and coats (or at least shove them to the back of the closet) and break out the tank tops and short sleeves. But to your horror, all of those delicious winter goodies have made their way straight to your…arms! Not only are your arms not toned and defined, they actually jiggle! You need to get your arms fit, fast! Here are a few easy to do work outs that will reduce embarrassing arm flab quickly, so you can get into your tank tops ASAP!

(OK, first of all, you have to ditch the bad eating. That’s a no brainer – all the arm workouts in the world won’t help you if you’re still packing pies. Check out these fresh summer salad ideas to satisfy your hunger instead!)

Tricep Kick Back

To start this exercise, kneel on a bench with your torso slightly bent forward. With the dumbbell weight of your choice, hold your arm at a 90 degree angle with your dumbbell in front of you. Then, extend your arm back and bring the dumbbell behind you, raising it above your back. This move will define the backs of your arms.

Lateral Shoulder Raise

To start this exercise, sit on a bench or stand. With the dumbbell weight of your choice, hold your arm to your side naturally. Extend your arm straight out until the dumbbell is level with your shoulder. This move will define the underside of your arms.

Upper Back Fly

Sit on a bench and lean forward a bit, with your arms hanging loosely in front of you. With the dumbbell weight of your choice, bend your elbows and extend your forearms just a bit. Flex your shoulder muscles as though you are trying to bring your shoulders to touch behind you. Hold for a few seconds, and release. This move will define your upper back for those spaghetti straps! 


Push ups are an old standby that can be done almost anywhere, and can really get those arms looking great. You don’t even need dumbbells for this exercise. If you don’t have the space to lie down, simply stand a few feet from a counter, lean forward and use the counter to push yourself up and down.

Do each of these exercises ten times, with three repetitions. Soon, you notice that your arms will lose their flab and take on a defined appearance that looks absolutely fabulous in a tank top! 

Committed to your success,

Stacy Papakostas

NYC Adventure Boot Camp for Women

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