How to get rid of holiday flab!


Gaining weight over the holidays is common, especially with all of the delicious food that is served over Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, when New Year’s rolls around, you want to get that extra flab off and get rid of the muffin top that is now hanging over your jeans. You also want to do it fast – you don’t want to keep holiday fat on until April! Here are some easy ways to banish holiday flab in a hurry.

Kick The Salt

Of course, you need to start eating healthy ASAP. Start subbing in fresh salads, fruits, vegetables and lean meats for breads and pastas and pass up on the salt. Salt causes you to hold more water, and it’s likely that a good portion of the weight you gained over the holidays is “water weight.” This is because most holiday fare is laden with sodium and extra salt. Don’t use salt in your cooking, and avoid prepackaged and convenience foods, which have a lot of salt built in.

Drink Plenty Of Water

You may think that drinking lots of water will actually cause you to gain more water weight, but actually, the opposite is true. Drinking plenty of water will help you to flush out the extra sodium in your body, which in turn, will help you lose water weight. Aim for at least eight 8 oz. glasses of fresh, cold water each day.

Sit In The Sauna

If you have access to a sauna (many gyms have them), have a good sweat session or two. This will also help rid your body of extra water weight, salt and other toxins, leaving you slimmer and feeling better after the holiday overindulgence. Just remember to use good judgment when you visit the sauna – don’t sit for too long and don’t make the sauna too hot. If you start to feel too warm, dizzy or lightheaded, get out of the sauna right away and sit somewhere cool until you start to feel better. If you have health issues like heart or breathing problems, you may want to consult a doctor before using a sauna. Using saunas on a regular basis, however, can help keep water weight from sticking around.

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