Eating Right No Matter What The Occasion

There is sure to be some occasion within your life for which you use some level of justification. Some justify why they don’t have time to exercise in a given week. Others justify why they don’t get enough sleep every night. Most of us at some point or another justify what we eat and what little treats we allow ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with allowing yourself a little treat now and then, but it should be an exception to the rule and portioned properly. Many times we run into problems when it comes to special occasions. We see some of our favorite foods before us and wonder how we can possibly resist the temptation. There are a few key strategies to eating right no matter what the food or how special the occasion.

Always Be Prepared

The key to success in eating well is to always be prepared. If you want to ensure that you eat right at all times then you must be prepared for the worst. What this means is that you eat a small snack before you leave for the party or event. That way you are not tempted to overindulge or give into every single food that is offered to you.

It also helps to do your research in advance. If you are traveling or going to a specific restaurant then look online before you go to see what the menu or healthy options are available to you. You can also take time to think about what the occasion is and what sort of foods might be associated with that. Birthday cake is almost always going to be offered at a birthday party for example.

 If you go in with a certain level of preparation then you know what you are up against and you can allot your calories accordingly. If you know that you’re going to an event that will offer alcohol for example then you may want to allow yourself a glass of wine, but you need to keep it at just one. Anything you can do to prepare yourself in advance will really help you when you’re at the event.

Create Healthy Choices and Work With What You’ve Got

You may not always have an overabundance of choices available to you, but you have to work with what you’ve got. If you’re going to a restaurant then don’t be afraid to special order your food. Asking for something broiled or baked, with sauce on the side, or with an extra helping of vegetables instead of rice is something that you have control over.

If you are at an event with a limited or pre-selected menu, then just do your best to make healthy choices. Stick close to raw vegetables for appetizers whenever possible. Try to scrape off any fattening sauces and go easy on the salad dressing. If you have the choice then fill up on fruit, vegetables, and whole grains so that you don’t give into the tempting foods. A small bite of a favorite treat is fine, but you have to be able to keep it just at that.

Use Your Willpower and Shift Your Mindset

When in doubt rely on your willpower to help you through even the most tempting of situations. You always have the ability to say no to a favorite food and you may have to exhibit that ability. This means a shift in mindset altogether as so many of us let ourselves go at special occasions and now it’s time to keep that desire in check.

Don’t let food rule your special occasions—simply let it be a part of them! If you can rely on a new mindset where food is fuel and it doesn’t rule your life, then you are going to be in a much better place. It takes practice, perseverance, and dedication but you can eat healthy and stay on track at any occasion. Just remember how much you enjoy the results of all your hard work!

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