The Importance of Strength Training in Your Exercise Regimen

You hear more and more about strength training as part of a proper exercise regimen. First and foremost it’s essential to be exercising on a regular basis as part of a healthy lifestyle. Beyond that though you do want to be certain that you are incorporating both cardio and weight training for the best possible results.

Though you may not realize it, strength training can offer benefits that you never thought possible. Sure cardio will help you to burn calories, but so does weight training. Far too many people, particularly women, have a vision of weight training leading to a big, bulky, and far too muscular physique. Here at NYC Adventure Boot Camp, we know that it’s not the norm and as a matter of fact strength training as part of a well planned fitness regimen can change your body in a very positive and desirable way.

It Helps Build Muscle—and That is a Big Deal

You may not want to be big and bulky, but you do want to have muscle on your body. This is what turns a regular body into a well toned and chiseled body and therefore muscle is something that you want to work for. Though cardio can help with burning calories, it alone will not help you to build the muscle that you ultimately want.

You do want to be sure that you focus on the body as a whole so that you build up muscle in the best way possible. This isn’t about spot training but rather taking on weight training as something for your body in its entirety. You want to consider this as a conditioning type of exercise where you really concentrate on the muscle that you are trying to transform in each and every exercise.

It Will Help You to Burn Calories and Shed Fat

You can use cardio to help you burn calories, and muscle training can help with that as well. When you lift weights you are burning some serious calories and that’s often overlooked. You are also able to shed fat from the body in a highly effective manner. So every time you lift those weights you are doing something extraordinary for your health and for your body.

If you are involved in a well planned weight training ritual then you are going to burn more calories than you think. Contact Stacy Papakostas and she will design a well balanced exercise plan that fits your body and goals. Weight training can absolutely be a good cardiovascular activity; it just takes on a different approach than cardio activities alone. You may find that weight training is also more effective at actually shedding fat from the body than just doing cardio alone.

It Will Transform Your Body in a Way You Never Dreamed Possible

When you think of what you want your body to look like you probably have a vision in mind. Use this as your ultimate goal and then recognize that the only way to get there is to combine calorie burning cardio with fat burning weight training. You not only want to build muscle but you want to first get rid of the fat that lies beneath the surface as well.

The more muscle that you build, the faster your metabolism becomes. The faster that your metabolism becomes the more calories you burn. Muscle will ultimately burn more calories than fat and therefore when you transform your body you become a fat burning machine. If you want to truly transform your body and reach your ultimate goals then weight training must be a strong focus within your fitness regimen.

 How are you feeling about your fitness level? Do you have any goals that you want to reach for summer? Please contact me, Stacy Papakostas for a FREE consultation.

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