Healthy Snacks On The Go

Here at NYC Adventure Boot Camp we know a lot about food, we are located in NYC after all. It is very challenging to eat healthy when there is temptation at every corner but the key to staying on top is to be prepared.  They say that the key to healthy eating is not only what you eat, but how you eat as well. If you want to ensure that you are always prepared for any situation, then you need to spend some time thinking through your snacks for the day. Though many people put thought and preparation into their meals, snack are an equally important component in the big picture.

You want to ensure that you never get hungry and in order to do that you need to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. In order to do this you need to put some thought into this part of your eating because the snacks are often what people tend to forget about. So if you aren’t sure what to pack or how to keep it interesting, here are a few simple tips that just so happen to be highly effective as well.

Take the Time to Prepare Healthy Fare Each Week

Hopefully you are already placing an emphasis on grocery shopping each week. If you are then you already know that you need to think of the very things that you will need to prepare and cook healthy meals. Use this same mentality to think through the snacks that you will need as well.

Sure packing some ready made trail mix can work, but you may find that you like making your own better. You can turn to pre-made salsa or you can make your own using fun ingredients like tomatoes, mango, cucumber, watermelon, and fresh cilantro. You want to prepare some of your snacks each week and therefore create this as a running task on your to do list. Take the time to be ready with the snacks that you can just grab and go as life gets hectic throughout the week.

Think of the Times When You Will Need Something Quick and Portable

Whether at work or driving the kids around in the car you may not always have the time to sit down and eat a mini meal. Think of healthy options that you can take with you wherever you might be going. If you have a portable cooler this opens up your options and ensures that you can pick up whatever you might need and take it on the run, while keeping it cold.

Think of options like individual hummus or cottage cheese that you can partner with fresh fruit or whole grain crackers. A piece of string cheese or even a container of low fat yogurt can work well. If you make the time to chop up fresh fruits and vegetables each week then by all means pack them and take them with you in the car. You can also turn to protein bars and trail mix, just be careful to read the labels in this popular portable snack options.

Keep It Interesting So You’re Not Tempted to Cheat

If you pack yourself the same boring snack day after day it’s like anything else—you will quickly tire of it! Keep it interesting and mix up a nice vegetable medley with a cottage cheese and dill dip. Try filling a celery stick with almond butter and then pack them for you to enjoy throughout the week. If you eat the same thing all the time then you are not only going to tire of it but you are also going to end up cheating and reaching for the candy dish or the vending machine.

Keep it interesting, get creative, and use a great deal of preparation to ensure that you always have what you need with you. This is a great way of thinking through how you eat the right way and get everything you need in one day. Being prepared can be easy and fun—and you will ultimately end up with delicious foods that you can enjoy all day long!

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