Preparing a Healthy Meal for the Family That Is Actually Delicious Too

It may seem like a challenging task—to prepare a meal for the family that is healthy but actually delicious too. You may have the best intention and find the best recipes but when you break it down, the kids won’t eat something that isn’t visually appealing. You may not even be able to convince your partner to eat something that they don’t think sounds good.

So how can you manage a menu that incorporates healthy and nutritious foods and that actually looks and tastes good? It’s not that hard if you use a bit of creativity. You may also find that getting the whole family in on the act can help to make for a fun way of preparation. Though this isn’t your traditional way of cooking, it can create fun family traditions and introduce everyone to proper nutrition.

Use Color As A Basis

If you put a bland looking plate of food in front of the kids you can pretty much kiss your chances goodbye of getting them to eat it. You need to make it look colorful, vibrant, and grab their attention. Try mixing it up a bit by incorporating beautiful vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, yellow peppers, sweet potatoes, strawberries, and even some purple grapes.

So you want to be sure not only to look for recipes that incorporate vibrant fruits and vegetables but incorporate them on your own? If you’re making a healthy casserole, add a splash of color. Dress up any plate simply such as baking sweet potato fries and make the meal really come alive. This isn’t a hard concept but that little splash of color can make the food more attractive and appealing—and they will gobble it up!

Incorporate Fun Ways of Eating Your Food

Have you ever given your kids vegetable kabobs? Try it and see how it changes everything. Create a kabob as you would with meat but this time grill up favorites such as cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and little bits of pepper. The very foods that they may have turned their nose up at all of a sudden become far more appealing when they are on a stick. Try the same thing with layers of fruit and a fun yogurt dipping sauce.

Instead of serving the same old tired chicken breast, try chicken drumsticks. They are a fun way of eating the same food and they mix it up a little bit. Rather than making a traditional meatloaf, try individual sized. Use ground turkey, mix in shredded carrots, a boiled egg and then put into muffin pans for a fun little healthy twist on dinner.

Let the Whole Family Get Involved

Another key to healthy eating is to get everyone involved. Though you may think that they will be resistant, you may find just the opposite. You go out and purchase the healthy ingredients but then make them a part of it. You can turn something like family pizza night into a fun tradition that just so happens to be healthy.

Take turns layering a whole wheat pizza crust with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and vibrant green basil, and then everyone picks a vegetable to layer on. This is a fun way to incorporate everyone and yet they won’t even care that it’s healthy. If you make eating fun, the whole family will be on board. You can put out healthy ingredients and watch as they have loads of fun pulling it all together.

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