Stop Counting Calories and Start Being Healthy

Far too many diets out there are focused on short term results. If you deprive yourself or rely on some “magic solution” you are setting yourself up for failure. Losing weight isn’t easy and it’s certainly not something that is going to happen overnight. You have to put in the necessary hard work to make it happen for yourself.

So knowing that it’s time to abolish the notion of counting calories. Though it makes sense on some level, far too many people get obsessed with this activity. You should never deprive yourself as that can have the exact opposite result of what you want. So if you want to enjoy long term weight loss, it’s time to stop counting calories and replace that action with true healthy eating.

It’s Never About Deprivation

A good healthy eating plan is what it’s all about. If you learn what the right food are to eat based on the food pyramid and you incorporate them properly into a day then you will lose weight. You want to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day and ensure that you incorporate plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, low fat dairy products, whole grains, and good fats.

Any diet that asks you to deprive yourself of starve yourself is not a good one. You should be focused on good healthy eating and if the diet doesn’t promote that then it’s not a good match. Anytime that you deprive yourself of food or count the calories extremely then you are ultimately going to fail. Not only can you not sustain that for the long haul but your body may think that you are starving and end up holding onto every bite that you eat—and store it as fat!

You Must Always Think Through What You Can Keep With For the Long Term

When you count calories it is a huge concerted effort. If you want to have long term success with weight loss then you need to start thinking about those things that you can do in the long term. Counting calories never works well and can actually be detrimental as it’s not bound to be something that you will do for the rest of your life.

Sure it’s wise to read labels and to be mindful of the number of calories in certain foods. You don’t want to become obsessed with this however. You want to try eating more fresh and healthy food rather than the packaged type where calories are a huge factor anyhow. If it’s not something that you can keep up with for the long term, then it’s probably not a good match for you.

It’s Much More About Managing Portions Than Actually Counting Calories

When people start counting calories they become painfully aware of how much they should be eating. That helping of chicken and broccoli has more calories than they might think. Same for the seemingly healthy trail mix or protein bar. Yes count calories in the sense that you become aware of serving sizes or portion control, and then use that to fuel you.

We are so used to eating hearty servings of our favorite foods that we don’t often think about portion size. What you are served out at a restaurant can often serve as the equivalent of three meals worth of calories. So if you must count calories initially, do so only to get in touch with what makes for a proper portion of something. That can serve you well, but then use it to your advantage to incorporate it with good healthy eating in the end.

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2 thoughts on “Stop Counting Calories and Start Being Healthy

  1. I mostly agree with this and actually just posted about it the other day. I realize that counting calories can be a problem but I think that that is when you have lost control. I am currently doing it just to help myself keep track of what I am putting into my body until I can trust myself to properly judge portions because we have all be raised with such a distorted view of portion size. I would never not eat just because I’d filled a daily quota or something.

    • It’s all about moderation, while it’s important to keep a food journal to see where your weak spots are. I am not opposed to counting calories, but you should not be obsessive about it. It’s just a good method to see where your calories are coming from.

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