Creating Your Own Healthy Recipes

Cooking is most definitely a component of healthy eating. The more that you cook, the more in control you are of the foods that you eat. You never have to worry when you are the chef as you can be sure that the right ingredients in the right amounts are utilized. Many people find the notion of clipping recipes to be far too time consuming and therefore they may give up. The truth is though that creating your own healthy recipes can be a delight!

You always want to have a starting point as it helps tremendously. You are going to find though that the more that you cook and the more that you enjoy healthy and natural foods, the more confidence you get in the kitchen. That allows you to start building up your recipe base and really having fun in the kitchen. So when you think of how to create your own healthy recipes here are a few simple ways to do it.

Use Existing Recipes as a Starting Point

It always helps to have a starting point. You may find that there are websites or books that you love. You may have recipes that you like but find that there is something missing. Maybe you want it spicier or maybe you need a bit more garlic and this is how creating your own healthy recipes starts to take shape. A dash more of this, a teaspoon less of that, and before you know it you are recreating culinary masterpieces.

Take a base to get started so that you’re not just grasping for thin air. There are some people that can just put together their own concoctions from the start, but that’s not the majority of people. You want to really take your time and enjoy what it means to take a recipe and then customize it until you make it your very own.

Customize and Get Creative

You may find that you love a given recipe but find that it could be healthier. Perhaps using whole wheat pasta is one way of customizing. Perhaps you want to add in more veggies to give it a true nutritional punch is what you’re after. There are no rules here and there’s nothing to say that you can’t take an existing recipe and just recreate it to your liking.

You are going to find that as you spend more time cooking in the kitchen that it sort of takes on a life of its own. The more that you cook, the more that you learn how to recreate your favorite recipes. The same dishes that you enjoyed for years are going to automatically evolve into healthier versions and you may not even realize that it’s happening.

Use Ingredients That You Love and Build From There

When in doubt start with ingredients that you like and go from there. Love rice and chicken? Then come up with a brown rice and grilled chicken breast dish that incorporates veggies and some of your favorite flavors. You can divide and conquer by starting with your favorite ingredients and then building out.

Add a little bit of low fat feta cheese to make a regular dish pop with a nice Mediterranean flavor. If you love what you are eating then you feel inspired and are apt to eat the healthy and natural flavors within it. It’s all about having fun, getting creative, and enjoying the foods that you prepare. This is what healthy cooking is all about and when you create your own best recipes then it’s going to be a far more enjoyable journey!

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