Staying Fit During Pregnancy


It is an extremely exciting time for a woman when they find out that they are expecting. But when some women find out that they are pregnant, they tend to look at this as an excuse not to have to exercise for the next nine months. Though it is true that you are going to and should gain weight during pregnancy, you can manage this with proper fitness. If you engage in a proper fitness regimen you are not only to gain less weight, but you are going to feel better. So if you needed a reason to focus on fitness during pregnancy, listen up for a few!

Run for the Gym and Not the Couch

Though you may want to run for the couch during that sometimes treacherous first trimester you may find that exercise can help you to cope more effectively. When you engage in exercise you will often find that it helps you to manage your pregnancy symptoms. So if you feel like you are going to lose your lunch most days, try some low impact aerobics or even pregnancy yoga and see how much better you feel. It may very well help you to cope with the symptoms and feel better almost instantly.

The baby may be doing a number on your system as it develops, but you can help to manage the hormones. It doesn’t have to be anything extensive, it can just be a nice long walk outside. Just the simplest exercise can really help you to minimize and even manage your symptoms during pregnancy. It will also help you to make it through the entire pregnancy with flying colors!

Your Body Will Thank You Now and Later

You are not only going to gain less weight if you exercise during pregnancy but you are likely going to feel better throughout. If you partake in exercise you won’t be as likely to experience shortness of breath. You will feel more energized and you will likely make better food choices as a result too. You will also be less likely to gain more weight than you should as you aren’t just chowing down, but you’re also exercising in the process.

When it comes to post baby, exercise during pregnancy can help there too. Your body is going to bounce back far faster if you have kept up with your exercise throughout pregnancy. It will give you less weight to lose and you will have built up muscle along the way that helps your body to get back to its natural shape sooner. You will have less of a journey to partake in afterwards towards weight loss and feeling like yourself if you try to fit fitness into your pregnancy.

It may seem like the last thing that you want to do, but fitness can really be your friend throughout pregnancy. If you exercised regularly before pregnancy then you can likely continue on with what you were doing. If you are new to exercise then try some gentle but effective exercises such as swimming, pregnancy yoga, walking, and low impact aerobics. You will find pregnancy so much more enjoyable and be able to fit back into those pre-pregnancy jeans a lot faster! Fitness is well worth incorporating into pregnancy and you will be so happy that you did!

At NYC Adventure Boot Camp we welcome the expecting mama’s to be. Stacy Papakostas will make sure that you get a full complete workout but that is still safe and not to vigorous for you or your baby.

If you are in New York City and interested in joining an all woman’s boot camp or fitness boxing classes please visit NYC ADVENTURE BOOT CAMP, mention that you found us through our blog for and extra 15% off a membership. Come work out like a GIRL!!!

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