Eating Right Using Color as Your Guide


We hear it all the time that we need to eat better. For some of us that’s a challenge as we already feel as though we are pretty healthy eaters. No matter what your starting point is, there are always ways to improve. Though it’s important for everyone, women in particular need to focus special attention the ways in which they eat. They are more prone to certain health conditions and can use proper nutrition to help them prevent disease down the road. That being said, your healthy options may be all in what colors of food you are choosing.

Try Color Groups Too

There is much in the news about proper nutrition. We understand that to eat right you need to choose the right food options from each of the food groups. We learned about the food pyramid early on in our lives and chances are that we go to great lengths to ensure that we are making the right choices from each of them. Have you ever considered making the right choices from the color groups though? The latest news is that the more colorful the food the better. This doesn’t apply to foods that are enhanced with food dye, but rather in including plenty of fruits and vegetables with deep rich hues.

When you choose options that are rich in color you are giving yourself some important nutrients. Experts say that the richer the hue, the more nutrients contained within that fruit or vegetable. When you go for very colorful options you are getting powerful antioxidants, vitamins such as Vitamins C and E, and even minerals in the process. We look to food to fuel us but we should also be gaining some nutrients that can help us in the bigger picture of our health.

Like the Sight of What You Eat

Try choosing foods from each color group such as blueberries (Blue), tomatoes (Red), yellow peppers (Yellow), carrots (Orange), kiwi (Green), and even white nectarines (White). You can have fun with working towards proper nutrition in this way. Since they say we eat with our eyes before we ever take a bite, we are able to really focus in on and enjoy the vibrant colors before us. This will not only make the food more inviting, but also ensure that we choose the foods that are better for us by nature.

This is a different way of eating but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Just try incorporating one colorful fruit or vegetable into every meal. Start small and then build up, you will likely find that you get creative with it and mix in new options or make big salads with various offerings. This can be a fun way to eat and a nutritionally rich one too! Rather than opening up a bag of chips or a box of crackers, you will eat what your eyes enjoy the sight of. So you are eating fewer calories and enjoying more food—it just so happens to be good for your health too! So if you need a change up in your diet, try some colorful eating and see how much better you feel.

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