Don’t Get Overstuffed Like the Thanksgiving Turkey


Who doesn’t love sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner? It’s that one meal that you look forward to all year long. Not only is it a fabulous holiday to spend with the family, but it’s a delicious meal too. It’s great, right? Well while it’s festive and an excellent source of family bonding, it can also equal diet sabotage if you’re not careful. Though you don’t want to dread this meal, you do want to be mindful of how to handle it to keep up with your good health regimen.

Go In with a Good Plan

Those of us who are dedicated to a good health regimen including proper diet and good exercise know that eating well is a big part of this. You obviously need to fuel your workouts but you more than likely do that with proper nutrition on a daily basis. For some reason when most of us are faced down with that huge golden turkey and heaps of mashed potatoes, we lose all willpower. So this year go in with a plan….this year go in armed and ready to take this challenge on and be in charge!

First start by evaluating what you really enjoy about the Thanksgiving dinner. Is it the turkey? Is it the pumpkin pie? Is it the mashed potatoes? Believe it or not this is part of your strategy as you focus in on what you really like and make that your treat or your splurge. This doesn’t mean that you get to enjoy it in unlimited quantities but that gets to be the one that you really enjoy and savor the flavor of. Allow yourself a bit more of this item than anything else and enjoy every bite of it! Then take smaller portions of the rest of the items so that you can allow yourself the larger quantity of your favorite item.

Change the Way that You Eat

Also be diligent about the way that you eat. First start by making areas on your plate for each item rather than just heap it altogether. This will automatically ensure that your portions are smaller out of sheer necessity. It will help you to almost compartmentalize and then you can be sure that you’re not overeating—smart strategy!

Try to eat slower and let your mind think about what you are eating. When you eat slower you get full faster and then you’re not going to dive into the pile of food before you. This will also keep you from going back in for seconds as this is where most people tend to fall apart.

Do enjoy the meal but limit yourself a bit more than you may have in the past. If you find that you are hating yourself during Black Friday shopping then make this the year for change. Think about what you want to eat and focus your attention on that one goodie. Contribute healthier options for the meal such as steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes made with skim milk and margarine, and fresh cranberries. Then you have healthier options to choose from and you can load up on these items instead of the traditional fare. If you go in with a plan of attack, this year will be different and your stomach and your waistline will thank you!

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