Step Away from the Candy Bowl

It’s that time of year again—most of us are feeling invaded by candy! Even if you’re not buying it for your own enjoyment it seems to overtake you. Candy is everywhere—it’s in the bowl at the office, being offered up at public places, and of course in our homes “only for the trick-or-treaters”! Even the best intentioned and most disciplined woman has a hard time turning down a candy bar once in awhile. If you’re not careful though, the extra calories can pack on in no time. So how do you avoid the candy at this festive time of year?

Recognize the Potential Damage
Let’s start by saying that even just a little bit of candy can equal diet sabotage. If you think otherwise then you are very well fooling yourself. Just one of those little “fun bars” gives you 80 calories and 4 grams of fat. So wise up that even portion size is not in your favor here because the calories can really add up. Can you allow yourself a little splurge? Sure but the problem is that many of us brush aside the extra calories and assume that just because it came in a tiny package it must not be bad.

Be aware that there is a lot of damage that can come out of eating too much candy. Be in tune with portion sizes and what each one packs in terms of calories and fat. You may be shocked! Add to that the fact that giving into your sweet tooth can do more damage than just pack on the pounds. That’s the problem that we all tend to focus on, but it will raise your blood sugar level and then leave you crashed later on. This pattern isn’t good for anything and therefore contributes to further and potentially more serious health problems later on.

Tips to Avoid the Madness
Most women make the excuse that they are buying the candy for their kids or for the trick-or-treaters coming by. The reality of the situation though is that you probably don’t need to buy it weeks in advance. You probably don’t need the jumbo mega bag either as that’s just a lot more candy than any one household needs. You should also realize that if it’s there it’s a temptation so buy only what you need just before you need it and then it’s not sitting there staring you in the face.

If you come into contact with the inevitable sweet treats out, do you go running? Well it may not be a bad idea! Allow yourself one little candy bar if you really must give into your temptation, but only do it once a week and after you have gotten in your exercise for the week. Savor it and enjoy it and if you aren’t capable of that then you are going to have to pretend that those candy bowls aren’t even there.

It’s not worth blowing your progress over some empty calorie candy bars, so turn to gum. Yes that’s right, chewing on some sugar free gum when you know that you’re going to come into contact with the temptation is a great way to keep your mouth occupied so you can’t honker down on a candy bar. Always try to use mind over matter and develop your willpower and it will serve you well!

If you must tell yourself the old adage “a moment on the lips forever on the hips” because it’s true and candy can cause some serious damage to the waistline after awhile. Only keep around the kinds that you don’t like and do your best to have a pep talk whenever you encounter that candy bowl. Your body will thank you and your efforts will be all worth it in the end!

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