Fall Into Good Habits

Put down the cider and donuts and step away from them! It’s about that time of year where our need for comfort foods and busy calendars tend to take over our every thought. We are coming upon some great times ahead with the Holidays and all that this entails. The problem however is that this is one calorie laden nightmare when it comes to your health and fitness regimen. Rather than trudging through another failure of a Holiday season fitness wise, why not fall into good habits?

Get Started Now

Learn to embrace healthy eating habits now. Not only will this help you to get into good habits but it will give you a nice advantage when you sit down with some of the best meals of the year. Think of how much sweeter your life would be if you knew how to practice willpower and portion control in the here and now. Then you would be well trained to say no to that second piece of pumpkin pie or that fifth cookie. Good habits now will benefit you later!

Sure it’s always hard to change up the way that you do things, but it can be done. By starting good habits now you are setting yourself up for success. More people gain weight around this time of year than any other time. Don’t be the statistic! Good habits such as healthy eating, proper portion control, and regular workouts will be greatly beneficial beyond the Holidays.

Build It Up for Great Results

Start slowly if it’s been awhile and just get on the treadmill or the elliptical for thirty minutes at a time. Build up on your time and then add in weights to add an element of strength training to the mix. Sign up for a class that will help you to burn some serious calories like kickboxing or aerobics. Fitness can be fun so find something that interests you and there is a greater likelihood that you will stick with it. Everyone struggles and needs a little push sometimes but if you get started now then the good habits will carry on through the most important time of year.

You are going to be spending more time with family, going to more social engagements, and let’s face it eating the best food of the year! You can still enjoy these things but you will do so with restraint. If you start to see progress you are going to want to do everything you can to protect that and ensure that you maintain it moving forward. With the right level of exercise in your life then you will get that edge and remember the truth to that old adage “a moment on the lips, forever on the hips”.

Get That Edge You’ve Always Wanted

Falling into good habits now will not only help you through the Holiday season but get you well trained beyond. You are going to like how you feel and be thrilled with what you see! If you are diligent with the workouts and learn the right way to eat then you are going to get some serious power behind you.

It does take a shift in mindset and some serious dedication but it can be done. You will feel great and find that nothing (including that dessert table) presents you with a challenge that you can’t handle anymore!

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