Getting Ready for Weight Loss—It’s a Journey

Your weight loss journey is an enduring process—it’s an ongoing mission to feel and look better. So what’s on the path to your weight loss success? There’s going to be a lot decisions to make, a lot of commitments to make, excuses to throw out of your window and while this is probably the least desired—there’s going to be a lot of work down the road to work towards your goals. You can’t accomplish a weight loss miracle over night—and even those who do claim to have lost a lot of weight quickly would still have made significant changes in their lives in order for the weight loss to be effective and permanent.

One of the most important things when embarking on your weight loss journey is to be completely and totally honest about your body and where you see yourself after accomplishing your weight loss goals. Really think hard about the questions I am going to ask below, answer them as honestly as possible, both from your heart and brain, because this is the first step towards changing your life forever. The only catch is that you have to be completely honest for it to work.

Evaluating Yourself

Before you can start losing weight, you have to realistically evaluate your life and your desire to lose weight. You have to find out how much weight you want to lose (keep this number realistic!), how much work you’re prepared to put towards your goal (you should also be realistic with this number), and whether or not you are willing to be patient and see your weight loss process through till the end. A lot of people lie to themselves and somehow end up convinced that they will follow through with the changes they have to implement to their diets and lifestyle where in reality, they are unwilling to make and changes, commitments or effort.

Below I’ve complied some of the most important questions you should think about (really think!) before embarking on your weight loss journey.

For maximum effect, write the first answer that comes to mind. Don’t spend a long time thinking about it—then after you do that, spend some time to think your answer through. You could take a day or two to come up with a full answer, if necessary.

Questions to ask when “Starting a Weight Loss Programs”

  • Why do I want to lose weight?
  • Am I losing weight because I want to or because others say I should?
  • What will I do once I lose the weight?
  • Am I willing to make this a lifelong change?
  • How much time am I willing to devote to losing weight?
  • Am I willing to go out to eat and still stick to my diet?
  • Am I willing to work out as part of my weight loss goals?
  • Can I turn down fresh cookies and sweets for the sake of my weight and health, or will I give in so that I don’t offend the person offering them to me?
  • Am I willing to admit to friends that I am trying to lose weight?
  • Will my friends respect and help me lose weight?
  • Will my family help me lose weight, or will they be a road block in my weight loss goals?
  • Am I willing to disassociate or separate myself from those road blocks that would hinder my weight loss goals?

Questions to ask “While Losing Weight”

  • Am I being realistic and honest in my goals or am I giving into temptation and slacking off all too often?
  • Am I committed to my exercise routine?
  • Is my exercise routine becoming too routine and therefore less effective and less interesting?
  • Should I seek the assistance of a personal trainer?
  • Am I satisfied with what I am doing or do I think I could do more?
  • Am I pushing myself to follow the dieting and daily patterns I set for myself?
  • Am I meeting my weight loss goals?
  • Are my goals unreasonable or too big, do they need to be revised or cut into smaller goals?
  • Am I rewarding myself for the goals that I have completed?

Questions to ask after the “Weight is Lost”

  • Am I doing what I should to maintain the weight loss?
  • Do I like the way I look?
  • Do others like the way I look? Am I receiving the compliments that I want to receive?
  • Am I healthier? Happier?
  • Do I feel that I no longer need to lose weight?

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    It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material.
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