How Are Your Family And Friends Affecting Your Health and Well being? (PART 1)

Did you know that your personal relationships are the number one source of your happiness and misery? If you’ve gone through some kind of emotional turmoil, whether it’s a divorce, a death or something else, you can probably attest to the stress, grief and unhappiness that accompanies any of these events. On the other hand, supportive friendships, a loving significant other and having children can all be happy events in a person’s life.

Having positive relationships with those closest to you is very important. Every day we mix with so many people – work colleagues, family members, boyfriends, girlfriends, husband and wife. Think about all the people in your life: each one has a profound negative or positive effect on you. You might socialize or be with these people because you want to or because you don’t have a choice. Either way, the people who you have daily relationship with can directly influence in your life and health.Positive Relationships Relationships, especially positive ones, are the backbone of our happiness and good health. In such relationships, the flow of love and support is profoundly deep and it’s these types of relationships we turn to when things in our life go wrong or when we’re experiencing tough challenges in our life, including our struggle with our weight.

Positive relationships are an essential part of your weight loss plan as they provide you with:

  • Security – knowing you have people who you can trust and support
  • Self-worth – you feel loved for being yourself
  • Respect – you know you can express your opinions safely and even if they are in disagreement about your opinions, you know your nearest and dearest will accept them graciously.
  • Encouragement – feeling the support and love from your family and friends when trying to lose weight is extremely important
  • Appreciation – feeling the time and effort you’re spending on losing weight is worth every minute

Exercises to Build Positive RelationshipsThe big question for every person is how to maintain good relationships.
Here a few tips:

1) Talk less and listen more. Listen without judgment, when someone is talking to you. Suspend the “judgment” voice in your head and refrain from giving your opinion.

2) Focus on the positive attributes of the relationship. Your thoughts dictate the way you feel and think about certain people. Try changing the inner dialogue to a positive one. Though it can be hard work, it is the key to changing your relationships.

3) Write down the names of 3 people who you have a close relationship with and their positive traits. See if you can incorporate their behavior into your personality

4) Maintain trust means keeping things private and personal. Don’t become a gossip monger about your family or friend’s issues – each one has taken the time and trouble to confide in you.

5) Be honest when asked for your opinion. Just make sure you delicately balance honesty without being too self-righteous. At the end of the day, they may not enjoy hearing the truth but they will respect you for being honest.

6) There are times when those closest to you will make your blood boil. In this scenario, excuse yourself and explain that you will need to calm down before you give a response. Sleep on the issue, rationalize the argument/discussion and then give a cool headed response. Remember, an angry response may jeopardize your relationship if you’re not careful.

Next week I will post PART 2

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