Remaining Successful After Weight Loss

You’ve done it!  You’ve lost the weight you needed to lose and are currently enjoying the success of all your hard work.  This next stage is actually going to be an even bigger challenge for you; it’s the hardest one of all the stages that you’ve overcome and accomplished on your weight loss journey.  This is the stage where you will face the decision to maintain your lifestyle (new and improved) or give into temptation and go back to your old ways.  This article is all about motivating you to keep at it, and will give you all the tools you need to maintain your new body and remaining successful in your new eating and exercising plans.
Maintaining your weight means you are in caloric balance—you burn at least as many calories a day as you consume. You may have been actively counting your calories or tracking your foods.  You may already know how much you can eat and how much you need to exercise to maintain your current weight.  Continuing to track these details may very well be the key to your continued success!
If you haven’t kept track of your eating habits before, now’s a good time to start and it’s pretty straightforward to doo as long as you have a notebook or journal and consciously list everything you eat along with the number of calories. It’s as simple as writing what you eat and do all day long.
A great idea to go along with your maintenance log is to paste a photograph of you before you began your diet in the beginning of your journal.  It’s no secret that no one really wants to keep pictures of the time you were at your heaviest, but remember, that’s not you anymore. Use that picture to help keep you motivated, you want to remember how important maintaining your weight is to you—you don’t want to go back to what you were. So take a picture of you as you are now and place that picture right next to your before picture.  What better motivation to maintain?
Quick Tips to maintaining your body weight after weight loss

  • Read the labels on all products very carefully.
  • Take note of what a serving size is and follow those serving size very carefully.  When you go over serving sizes, be sure to account for the extra calories.
  • Weigh and measure foods to portion out 1 serving size.
  • Compute calories and net carbs and stay within your daily goal.
  • Choose foods high in fiber and low in carbohydrates and sugar.
  • Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet and stick to those outlined in your low carbohydrate diet guidelines.
  • Avoid fat free and even some low fat foods because they are loaded with sugar to enhance the taste.
  • Be careful about consuming sugar free foods as they may still have calories and affect your blood sugar levels.
  • Consume more natural and whole foods than processed foods as you will more nutrition and fewer chemicals.

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