10 Mistakes Every Dieter Makes

There are some myths that people believe when it comes to weight loss and this article will BUST those myths and set you on the right path of weight loss.

Weight Loss Myth 1: Healthy = Low in calories.
You’re at the grocery store, trying to decide which of two items to buy. But then you decide that the choice is really very easy because one of the products is LOW FAT or contains ZERO TRANS FAT or has no carbohydrates and you immediately assume it’s the better choice. Wrong! Have you ever paid any attention to the number of calories on the back of packages?  You really should pay attention to the labels instead of focusing all your attention on packaging that is intentionally marketed in a way to SELL the product, whether it really is the best choice for you or not. Also, pay attention to calories per SERVING, because that’s where a lot of people get it wrong thinking that the calories the see are for the entire package! Again, pay attention to “serving size” because some manufacturers try to trick you here, and what they may consider 1 serving is technically half a serving when you actually eat (this especially happens with cereals) and you end up eating at least twice as much calories than the package says!

Weight Loss Myth 2: The little things you do don’t matter.
Wrong. On all accounts! If you just read a few articles on weight loss right now you’ll quickly learn that every little thing you do add up to be a big thing. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking instead of public transport, and so on and so forth…all of these help you lose weight. You’re probably sitting there reading this and shaking you’re head, determined that the 5 minutes you spend here or there aren’t going to make a difference. Well that’s where you’re wrong again. 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there quickly add up and before you know it you’ve spent at least an hour a day burning at least 100 calories. So what’s 100 calories a day? More than 10lbs a year! Usually, we end up putting that amount on, so how great would it be when we effortlessly lose 10lbs in a year?

Weight Loss Myth 3: Cut back on food and drink more!
Cutting back on food is a great start to decreasing the number of calories you consume but it’s by no means enough. Have you ever took a moment to consider how many calories you may be packing on through your drinks? Be sure to make a log of everything you drink—and HOW MUCH of it you drink. Even innocent drinks like iced tea, or vitamin-enriched water can help you pack on the pounds.

Weight Loss Myth 4: Sleep isn’t as important as exercise and diet.
Nope. Not getting enough sleep can seriously cause you to gain weight since it plays around with your hunger levels and increases your appetite. Similarly, getting TOO much sleep can have a similar negative effect on your weight.

Weight Loss Myth 5: Giving into temptation this one time won’t matter.
The above is true, but what starts as harmless “giving into temptation” quickly turns into a habit that you can’t break. Remember, you’re trying to lose weight and if you want to be successful, you have to be strong and not give into temptation.

Weight Loss Myth 6: Skipping in exercise every now and then won’t kill me.
Wrong! Maybe you did have a busy week at work, but that shouldn’t come in between you and your exercise. Always find the time no matter what, even if that means waking up earlier than usual or working out later than usual.

Weight Loss Myth 7: If I take all carbs out of my diet, I have to lose weight.
This is so appallingly wrong, it shocks me how many people do this and fail—and still don’t learn from their mistakes! Carbohydrates are a very essential part of any well-balanced diet. A general rule that you should always keep in mind is that it’s not about WHAT you eat, but rather HOW MUCH you eat—always remember that. If you’re eating fewer calories than what you are able to burn every day then you will inevitably lose weight. So, am I saying that you should make sure that all your serving portions are a lot smaller? Yes and no. The problem with smaller portions is that your brain doesn’t think it will suffice and will automatically tell your stomach that you are still hungry—and what do you know, before bed you find yourself in the kitchen again. That’s weight loss disaster in my books! So instead of adding only smaller portions on your plate, try to fill your plate up with healthier food like vegetables and fruit. This way, your brain can signal to your stomach that you’ve eaten plenty and you’ll be able to feel full.

Weight Loss Myth 8: If I watch TV I will eat less.
Wrong! You’re not paying attention to what you’re eating when you’re watching TV so your brain will take longer to signal to your stomach that you are full and should stop eating. Have you ever noticed when you’re eating while watching your favourite TV program that you don’t stop eating until your program ends? It’s not just TV either; when we eat out we tend to keep eating until everyone else at the table has stopped eating. What’s a quick-fix solution to this problem? Don’t eat while watching TV and when you’re out, keep that salad/veggie plate beside you.

Weight Loss Myth 9: You can do it alone—you don’t need anyone support!
Many people feel embarrassed about being on a diet—it’s rather like telling people “Hey, I’m overweight” and no one wants to admit that, do they? On the other hand, admitting to your close ones that you are on a weight loss plan or diet can help to motivate and encourage you to keep at it until you reach your weight loss goals. Having a support system is definitely one of the main keys in a successful weight loss plan but be sure you choose your support group carefully—you don’t want someone who will sabotage your efforts after all!

Weight Loss Myth 10: There’s no such thing as working out too hard.
This one is shocking to many but believe it or not, working out too much, pushing your body to extremes can hinder your weight loss efforts. Why? You won’t be able to maintain such a vigorous weight loss plan—fit it into your schedule and stick to it without wearing yourself out completely.

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