Sudden Weight Gain—HELP What Did I Do Wrong?

So many women experience sudden weight gain, and believe it or not, it’s actually more common than you think. For instance, gradual weight gain during pregnancy is indeed normal and not in any way harmful to a person’s health and the same can be said of menstruation, where a lot of women feel more bloated than usual.

Okay, so we have those two covered, but what is it that causes SUDDEN, unexpected and unhealthy weight gain in women? There are many reasons and below we’ll cover some of the most common reasons why:

#1: Eating more calories than you burn. This is a no-brainer really, if you eat more calories than your body burns you’re going to gain weight. The calories that aren’t burned are transformed and stored in your body as fat. One reason this happens is when you haven’t been eating more than usual is because you may have decreased your activity levels. However, the main reason women experience weight gain is due to overeating, and I don’t mean overeating the healthy stuff but rather all the junk food like pizza, burgers, extra fudge ice-cream, soda and the likes. When you overeat and don’t do enough exercise to burn those calories off, weight gain becomes inevitable.

While there are some medical conditions that may also contribute to your weight gain, you should always monitor your eating and exercising habits to make sure that you are not intentionally contributing to your weight gain when it can be helped. Even if the problem is deeper than your eating habits, maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet (vegetables, fruits and whole grains) can make all the difference and is still very important.

#2: Smoking. The second most common cause for weight gain in women is smoking. While quitting smoking can of course do wonders to your health (it’s healthier, makes your skin look more radiant, etc.), when trying to quit women fall into the habit of eating junk food to somehow fill the void of no longer picking up a smoke. When you go about quitting smoking, make sure to opt for healthier snacks to avoid putting on unnecessary weight.

#3: Stress. The third most common cause for sudden weight gain is stress. Stress is the biggest element that causes women to develop unhealthy eating habits and resort to overeating—both of which causes sudden and great weight gain. There are so many reasons why women suffer from stress, and to top that all they go through significant emotional distress—stress, worry, depression can all have a negative affect on your health and decrease your metabolism rate. Moreover, people suffering from emotional difficulties find themselves resorting to carbohydrates (which increases the serotonin in your body and produces as calming effect while helping you pack on the pounds too!

In the end, you have to realize that sudden weight gain doesn’t happen without a reason and regardless of what that reason is, it’s of most importance that you alter your lifestyle and try to adopt healthier habits. Everything from what you eat, to how often you exercise and other habits (imagine spending hours every day in front of the TV or computer) have to be monitored so that you don’t pile on the pounds. Adopting a healthier and more active lifestyle doesn’t just guarantee a healthier and more beautiful you, but it also helps you keep those extra pounds away.

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