Why Do Some People Gain Weight So Easily?

Ahhh, the age old question that everyone wonders at one point or another. No doubt you know someone who is stick thin but eats like a horse and you’ve spent a great deal of time wondering why that is. The first thing everyone thinks (and blames this on) is metabolism. You think that just because someone has a fast metabolism, they can eat and get away with everything. Metabolism is really important, but all hope isn’t lost because there’s a lot you can do to ensure that you increase your metabolism rate too!

Putting weight on is simple to do, it’s almost effortless and quite enjoyable. All you have to do is eat a few hundred calories a day and by the end of the month they’d have already put on a few extra pounds. 100-200 calories isn’t that big a hardship—even an apple has 50 calories! When you consume more calories than you can burn off, you find yourself gaining weight gradually. In the end, every little calorie adds up and you find yourself with a real problem. So you’re sitting there, gaining weight from eating just a little more than you should and your best friend who eats at least twice as much as you doesn’t experience any changes in her body. How frustrating is that?

So let’s ask the question again: Is it really all about metabolism? Yes, metabolism plays a huge role but it’s definitely not the only reason. It all goes back to a person’s lifestyle as well—their way of living. If you compare your lifestyle with that or your friend’s you’ll notice that you each approach life differently and these differences affect your ability (or lack of ability) to not gain weight. To put it simply, your friend has a different metabolism rate because she has a whole different lifestyle.

That said, not all issues related to gaining weight are a result of lifestyle, but it is still one of the most important factors which you have the power to change and improve as you see necessary. For instance, overweight individuals tend to realize that most of their family is also overweight. This can be a result of poor lifestyle choices, because family members are more likely to have similar eating and exercise habits and be as active (or inactive) as each other. Other reasons include being overweight due to genetics—but it’s really important that you don’t let that reason get you down because anyone can overcome weight problems whether they have a problem with weight loss throughout the family or not.
The best news is that there’s plenty you can do to take control of your weight. For starters, try to adopt a more active lifestyle, instead of taking the car to run all your errands, walk instead…get a dog to walk every day, and so on a so forth. The next time you’re planning on eating out, choose your meal more responsibly, grilled instead of fried for instance.

Consuming fewer calories and making a genuine effort to become more active will do wonders to your metabolism rate and help you lose weight a lot faster!

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