The Mantra Method of Losing Weight

The Mantra Method of losing weight is a technique used by many where a person learns to believe the different aspects needed to lose weight. This can range from the belief of losing weight and the ability to simply follow a diet. The idea behind the mantra method is that if an individual says something several times a day, then he or she will begin to believe it.

In order for this method to be effective, you have to state a sentence or two that envelopes your weight loss ideals or beliefs in a positive manner, and you must say them several times a day to achieve best results. You should place this mantra somewhere where it is easy to see and will be seen multiple times a day.

As I stated earlier, it is important that the mantra is positive and completely motivational and uplifting. This should be phased as “I Will” or “I Can” and maintain that positive tone throughout the phrase. Here are some examples of what not to do and what to do for the different mantras.

DON’TS in Mantras
“I will not weigh X amount another day.”
“I will not eat more than 500 calories a day.”
“I will not allow people to offset me from my goal.”
“I will dance and not stay still.”

DOS in Mantras
“I will lose weight with the [insert name of a particular diet, i.e. HcG] diet.”
“I will maintain a diet of 500 calories for the duration of 2 weeks.”
“I will exercise daily and maintain a healthy metabolism.”
“I will maintain my enthusiasm throughout my new life choice.”
“I look forward to reaching my desired weight.”
“I will lose X amount of weight.”

Another good idea for handling and hurdles you may encounter is to create a food and emotion journal that is specifically geared towards the diet protocol that you are using. This can be done by using a simple chart or just writing notes in your journal. This chart will show you your weight loss progress, help you to express how you feel and give you ideas about how to make the process easier for yourself. Feel free to continue this chart for as many days as your diet lasts. Good luck!

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