Ooops, I Gave Into Temptation—Is My Diet Ruined?

One of the most important things I tell people who come to me for weight loss advice is that there will be mistakes on their journey—people give into temptation, get off track, lose motivation. This is natural, completely normal and A-OK! The first step to getting past a setback is actually accepting that mistakes DO happen and that you do NOT have to punish yourself for them. Understanding why these mistakes happen, however, is extremely important so that you can identify how to prevent future mistakes from happening.

There are a few different setbacks or mistakes that you may make on your weight loss journey (during the dieting stages). Understanding these mistakes and setbacks will help get you back on track.


Indulging in a sugary food is one of the most common setbacks. The desire to have more food or to indulge in something that is outside your restricted diet are very common wants that almost every dieter experiences. This happens a lot because people consider their diets to be restrictive, and as a result, begin to crave food that they would usually not crave. This is a common occurrence and can be tempered by allowing yourself to eat a very small amount of luxury food (treats!), or by refusing to believe that you are on a diet, but rather are eating everything you want to eat. The mind is a powerful tool in losing weight—convince yourself that your salad is delicious and your mind and taste buds will believe it; keep telling yourself that your salad is bland, and how much better a double cheeseburger would be, and your mind and taste buds will totally reject the salad.

Failing to work out

The second most common setback can be detrimental to any diet plan, because the lack of exercise will slow down your metabolism rate. The urge to stop exercising can be often overwhelming. Your body may be sore from exercising the day before and your may feel tired and completely unmotivated to make the effort. However, you’ll feel so much better when you do get up and go through with your exercise routine, because it will help increase your energy level. Working out on a daily basis is really a matter of self control and disciple—are you up for the challenge?

Looking for salt and salty foods

This setback is more common than you think—a lot of people have become so accustomed to salty foods that they feel their food is lacking when there isn’t enough in it. Many will often say that they are going to have a small amount of salt per meal. This is not healthy and is not compatible with most diet programs. It is important to add spices that lack salt but are high in flavor to keep your taste buds satisfied but limit your salt intake which is not only unhealthy, but can cause you to gain weight.

One thing to remember is that no matter what setback you have made, there is always a new opportunity to make the right choice. Everyday is a new day, to make healthy and smart decisions that will get you back on track.

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