Bye Bye Baby Weight

One of the most difficult things mothers have to deal with after giving birth is losing the weight that had accumulated over the past 9 months. Pregnant women usually have strong food cravings, everything from chocolate cake with extra fudge to a tub of ice-cream in the middle of the night and that full cream, very creamy, milk! You’re not thinking of how many calories you’re consuming nor are you thinking of how much fat is going straight to your hips, you’re only concern is enjoying the food. What are cravings really? They’re just your body’s way of telling you it needs something, whether it’s more calcium or protein or energy.

Most women gain anywhere from 20 to 50 pounds during their pregnancy, sometimes more and rarely less. After giving birth, they may wait a while before attempting to lose weight, but after their child is around 6 months old, they can add new priorities to their lives, including losing weight and becoming more sociable. Losing weight is easy at first as long as you make a genuine attempt to get rid of the pounds. Exercise is recommended by all doctors, breast-feeding, and of course, healthy eating (and saying no to temptations and cravings) also goes a long way.

Everything’s going great and the weight is coming off until those last 10 pounds when your weight loss suddenly appears to come to a halt.

Those last 10 pounds are pretty stubborn, no matter how hard you try to diet—they’re intent on sticking to your body like second skin. Complaining to your family and friends seems to be ineffective as well, what’s 10 pounds, they’ll tell you. But to you, 10 pounds is a lot because it most likely has accumulated in just once place, whether it’s your hips, thighs or belly, and completely (at least to you) transformed the way your body looks. It’s upsetting that your favorite pair of jeans don’t fit or appear too tight when you’re doing everything possible to lose the weight. It feels aggravating.

Vanity in all of its ugliness makes shopping for larger sized clothes out of the question, and while you may be able to fit into your old clothes, they’re anything but flattering or comfortable, especially when you sit down. Wearing your maternity outfits make you feel even bigger, so they too are avoided like the plague. What happens next is that you continue feeling hopeless and depressed, to the point where you may put on more weight! This is one of the reasons a lot of mothers suffer from great depression after giving birth—while some women are able to lose all the pounds quickly, it takes other longer and patience isn’t a virtue many women have when it comes to losing weight.

My advice? Go out and get some new outfits. You can’t fit into your old clothes yet, and wearing your maternity outfits will make you feel as though you haven’t accomplished anything from dieting. Go shopping! You’ll get a new perspective on things. Let the sales person help you, tell them you’ve recently had a baby and are still nursing. She’ll fit you in some fabulous, loose, comfortable clothing and you’ll feel fresh again. You still have those 10 pounds to lose, but they no longer become an immediate obstacle you have to face now or never, and if they’re staying for another month or two—then it doesn’t matter because you’re comfortable the way you are and you’re no longer feeling aggravated and as desperate to get rid of them.

Losing weight after pregnancy is a difficult and long process. You could be 10 pounds for the first year after birth—so you need to learn how to accept it in order to be able to efficiently deal with it. Women get caught up in numbers all the time that they forget what their bodies really are. Love yourself, keep your chin high and keep working hard and you WILL see result. Nursing your child is going to take its toll on your body (pregnancy and giving birth also affect your body) so be sure to give it all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and beautiful. And that’s what this is all about—staying healthy, not fretting over something as trivial as 10 pounds right after pregnancy and giving birth.

Be patient, be determined and never lose sight of the bigger picture and you’ll eventually lose those 10 pounds. But for now, just enjoy being a new mother and try to live the moment!


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