Triathlon Training Motivation

Training for your next triathlon can be hard work, it can be draining both emotionally and physically. There will be many days when you come home after a long day at work, too tired to make the effort or simply not in the mood, when all you want to do is sit back and relax for a few hours. And waking up earlier than usual to train is not only unappealing, it’s inconvenient when your job ahead demands every last hour of rest from you.

So what’s this article about? Do you need motivation? Do you want someone to help keep you focused on why you’re running a triathlon and keep you encouraged to follow through with your training? Whether you’re doing it to challenge yourself, lose weight or as part of a group with friends or family, you may still face some low moments and this article will help keep you on track.

Below is some advice for all those times when things seem tough on you, to encourage and motivate you until your reach the finish line!

How can you stay positive in training?
Positivity and enjoying your training sessions is something that a lot of people miss out on when they’re only focused on getting an intense training session. To stay positive, you want to add variety. Running 4 miles a day is going to get tiresome. Going to the gym every day, even, is also hard to maintain. Spice up your training sessions, go swimming, joining a boot camp, canoeing, mountain climbing, cycling, roller skating, ice skating…there’s no strict routine you have to follow so don’t limit yourself. The key is that you stay interested at all times and don’t burn out.

Another great way to keep a positive attitude about training is to train with others. There are many benefits to training with others, from ensuring your safety to making your training sessions more fun, exciting and challenging (we all like a good competition!). Try as much as you can to make your training sessions more social, joining a boot camp is a great way to meet up with friends and have a group training session or even meet new people who also want to work out in groups for the triathlon. You can make some great friends this way. There’s a saying that when you do something difficult with someone, it creates a stronger bond with that person so this is a great way to get closer with your family or friends. And remember, when you’re having fun, training no longer becomes a task you dread but an activity you look forward to instead.

How to answer, ‘Why am I in this sport?’
If you’ve ever questioned why you’re in the sport to begin with, don’t worry—there are many others who go through this phase too. Every triathlete has questions him or herself, even elites do. What I can guarantee, though, is that once you cross the finish line there’ll be no questions about it. Keep that in mind. Remember that you’ll soon be answering your own question, because crossing that finish line will give you a sense of accomplishment you may have never before felt.

For some people, the challenge and striving for that sense of accomplishment is what keeps them motivated and competing in race after race. For others, it’s getting the work-out they need to lose the weight. And for some, it’s a way of getting closer to family and friends, strengthening your bonds and working out your differences in a challenging and healthy atmosphere. Keep thinking of the benefits, keep thinking of what you’ll accomplish and you’ll be surprised how much encouragement you can provide yourself with.

The benefits are humongous.
Everyone likes to know they’re doing something for a good cause, whether in the end of it all you gain money, personal achievement or reach your weight loss goals—getting something out of training for a triathlon will help keep you motivated and on track a lot more effortlessly. Knowing the benefits is itself a great motivator!


  • Social benefits (improved social skills, increased self esteem, helps you better communicate with family, friends and members of your community, keeps you away from loneliness and isolation).
  • Physical/Mental benefits (improved quality of life, helps you stay healthy and lose weight, improves your sleeping habits, helps you concentrate better, keeps your memory and learning skills on check, reduces the risk of many diseases including coronary heart disease, obesity, diabetes, stroke and many more. Also helps you lower blood/cholesterol levels which can be very dangerous, especially as you get older.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and start training for the next triathlon! If you are interested in running a marathon and training for one, and if you are in the local NYC area, visit NYC Adventure Boot Camp.

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