Back exercises for busy working women

Back aches are common physical problems that many busy working women have to deal with. Back aches can cause great stress and hinder your daily work. If you experience pain in your back you must take immediate steps to get rid of it, as ignoring it would cause serious complications.

One of the best ways to get rid of back pain is performing back exercises. These exercise not only help you to get rid the pain but also help you tone-up your body and to get a healthy posture.

If you have no idea what exercises to perform you can consider doing the following back exercises:

  • Chin ups:

Chin ups are one of the best ways to reduce back ache problems. A few minutes of chin-ups a day would greatly help get relief from the stress that occurs due to back ache. The exercise stretches your entire body and shoulder area.

  1. To perform a chin-up, grasp a pull up a bar and ensure that the hands are positioned a little narrower than your shoulders width.
  2. Keep your torso upright and make sure your chest sticks out and pull your stomach in. Now breathe out and pull your body so that your head reaches the level of the pull up bar. Use your biceps to pull your body up.
  3. Slowly lower your body down to the starting point, repeat the same moves until you find it difficult to pull your body up.

 If you are unable to perform full chin-ups or experience pain in your back while doing a complete chin-up, consider doing assisted chin ups and use a chair or a supporter belt for support. However, for better and quick results, if you are able to perform regular chin ups easily, you must do weighted chin ups. If you have no prior experience doing chin ups, make sure you do the exercise under the supervision of a personal fitness trainer. The trainer will help you perform the exercise in the correct manner and you can get maximum benefits and avoid injuries.  At NYC Adventure Boot Camp, we provide expert advice and guide women with these kinds of exercises.

  • Lat pull downs:

If you don’t like or find it extremely difficult to do chin ups, consider doing lat pull downs, they are an alternative and provide a complete work out on your upper body and help you build your lat muscles.

  • Bent over Barbell Row:

This is another effective exercise that greatly strengthens the middle back area, lats, shoulder and biceps. To perform bent over barbell rows:

  1. Grasp a barbell with your palm facing downs, make sure you keep your knees slightly bent and bend over at the waist keeping your arms in a perpendicular position to the floor.
  2. Exhale and lift the barbell towards your body and try to keep you elbows as close to the body as possible.
  3. Inhale and lower the barbell slowly back to the starting position, repeat the same procedure several times.

Performing the above back exercises regularly can not only manage your back problems but get rid of them completely.  Have any questions regarding exercise and fitness, contact me, leave me a message or a comment.  If you are in the NYC area, leave me a comment why you should win a free week of boot camp. 


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