Strength training Exercises for women

When it comes to weight loss, nothing can be better than cardiovascular exercises. However, you can really contribute towards your overall well-being if you compliment these exercises with muscular strength exercises.  Muscular strength exercises can also help you with back problems, and correct bad posture.  Here are some muscular strength exercises which you can practice.

The main motive of muscular strength exercises is to help you build muscular strength. You can easily build muscles even by adopting some of the basic rules which are as follows:

Learn the correct form of exercises:
You will not be able to achieve success with any fitness plans if you don’t get the basics right and do them properly.  The same goes with muscular strength exercises, to make the most out of the muscular strength exercises you first need to know the basics of these exercises.  Make sure to consult a personal trainer prior to beginning a new fitness regime.  They will get you started the right way to avoid injuries and to see fast results.

Make use of the correct weights:
Carrying the appropriate amount of weights is the key in muscular strength exercises. Some women carry weights that are too heavy or too light and don’t get the results that they want.  If you want bigger muscles then it is okay to use heavier weights with less reps but if you want to get toned and defined use lighter weights and more reps.

Stretch, stretch, stretch:
It is very important to stretch prior to any type of training so that your muscles get the full benefits of your hard work.  Many women have the habit of not stretching enough before of after their workout.  Try to stretch at least 10 minutes before working out and 10 minutes afterwords.  Try to vary your workouts with one day of a stretching class.

Circuit Training:
You train your body for a period of two weeks beginning from warming up to craft press machine in circuit training. The process starts from warming up for up to 5-10 minutes on a treadmill or a stationary bike and then move out to abdominal crunches, chest press and bench press, seated rows, dumbbell shrugs and calf press machines. You need to repeat the process of circuit training for at least two to three times to get proper muscular strength.

Many omen live under the impression that muscular exercises make them look bulky and big.  But with the proper instruction from a personal trainer, you can get lean and toned without getting bulky.   Whether you are a stay at home mom looking to lose weight or working women who wants to stay in shape, practicing these exercises will really help you to achieve these results.

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