How to get a Well-Toned Lower Body

Every woman dreams of having a perfect figure. For this, she will try almost anything that may help her achieve her dream. However, not all women find time to obtain a well-toned body. Thighs and hips are the first places which will accumulate fat, with the additional effect of cellulite. If you too dream of having the perfect lower body and wish to get rid off excess fat, this two-pronged method to help you:

1. Diet:
Diet is un-arguably a quintessential part of any weight loss regime. To reduce fat, you need to follow the below-mentioned measures:
The most effective methods of reducing fat is not just by following a great diet, but by altering the way you think. You need to learn to differentiate between your cravings for food and real hunger.
Never binge even if you are feeling sad or guilty. It is always good to chew your food well before swallowing it, since it not only helps in digestion, but slows down your eating as well. It is always good to consult your physician and your personal trainer for getting expert help.

2. Exercise:
The next attack on your flabby thighs is exercise. The best way to reduce fat is by including cardio as well as strength training exercises to your workout. Here are some good exercises that can help you in your attack against flabby thighs. To learn the exact procedures, however, you would need expert assistance from instructors from NYC Adventure Boot Camp for women.

  • The outer thigh blaster: it firms the outside of your thighs and hips and strengthens your lower body. Lying on your side, rest your head on your left arm, which should be stretched out above your head. Put your right arm on your right hip. Keeping your legs straight, use your outer thigh muscle to lift the right leg six inches off the floor. Keeping your heel out (opposite of pointing toe) will help you get a better stretch. Slowly lower your leg and repeat 8-12 times on your left side, flat against the floor.
    The inner thigh lifts: it works wonders for the most difficult part to tone in the lower body, the inner thighs. Lie on your left side, flat against the floor. Rest your head on your left upper arm. Bend your right (top) leg at the knee and cross over in front of left leg. Rest your right arm on your right hip. Keep your left leg straight. Using inner thigh muscle (adductor), lift left leg 6 inches off floor. Keep left toe in flexed position (not a pointed position). Exhale (breathe out) as you lift your leg. Using resistance with the inner thigh muscle (not gravity), slowly lower your leg. Inhale (breathe in) as you lower your leg. Repeat exercise for a set of 8. Repeat entire sequence on your right side, step 1-9 (working right adductor muscle). By practicing these exercises regularly, you can tighten and tone down your thighs. Alignment of your body is important for effectiveness, so it’s always better to consult your personal trainer or attend fitness boot camp for proper instructions.

    The key in getting a well toned and healthy body is to have full dedication in the process of losing weight and work towards it in a whole-hearted manner. You really can’t live fit and fine if you don’t commit yourself towards having a good well toned body. For this, you need high levels of motivation and a bit of push from yourself that will help you get going. No matter whether you are a working mom wanting to lose weight or a busy working women who wants to get in shape, getting a well toned body will be easy only if you follow these tips strictly and stay adhere to them. Many women in NYC have largely benefitted from joining our boot camp as it provides them with the necessary motivation and all kinds of exercises that are necessary to lose weight and stay in shape while having fun with their peers.

    For more information on our 4-week boot camp for women contact Stacy Papakostas at 212-426-4871 and visit our website: for our programs and calendar. We are now offering a 12-week challenge, we are not a competitive focused kind of boot camp. We have women from all different walks of life, but with the same goal.

    The first 5 new members that email Stacy will automatically be entered to win 2-weeks FREE of boot camp classes.


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