Exercise and women in their 30’s

A constant worry for any woman is the aging process. There are a lot of creams and “magic potions” available in the market that claim to stop time or slow down the process. These creams may be successful to some extent, but there is only one way to ensure that your body remains fit during the your 30s- Exercise.

In her 30s, a woman can benefit more by doing strength training and weight training exercises along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The sooner she starts off a regime involving these forms of exercises, the better her position are in terms of aging. In fact, if you talk to one of the trainers at NYC Adventure Fitness Boot Camp, you will find that they would recommend strength exercises along with your regular cardiovascular exercises. This is because:

• Your muscle strength as well as body endurance would increase through resistance training, allowing you to do more physical activities for a longer time, than an average woman in her 30s would do.
• The lean muscle that is present in older women above 30 can adapt to resistance training, increasing muscle strength and size. By doing so, you can achieve a body similar to that of a woman in her early twenties or even late teens.

You can reduce more weight by combining weight training to your regular exercise, and even increase the strength of your leg and hip muscles. Two big factors for increasing the aging process in older women are bad nutrition and lack of strength training. By controlling these two factors, you can get a better control over your aging process. But above 30, exercise can lay a heavy toll on your body. Here are some tips that can help you practice your exercise and still retain energy for your daily activity:

• Instead of training for an hour non-stop, break your routine into smaller segments. This way, your body can recover from each segment and you will do each session with renewed vigor. While the total workout time remains unchanged, your body is also able to do justice to the workout regime by getting recharged periodically.
• If you find yourself in a loss of time to stretch your workout regime, then there is an easy solution to your problem. You can reduce your workout session to 5 minute segments, and time them during commercial breaks when you watch television. Some of the best exercises you can do within these five minutes are squats, long jumps, high jumps, push-ups and jump roping. The repetitions are not important, as long as you continue the exercise till the commercial finishes.
• During your mini-workouts, try to take at least one deep breath in a minute. The oxygen that you suck in becomes the fuel for your body to burn up more fat. Make sure that when you inhale, do so from your stomach and not your chest. Exhale slowly and extend it for a few seconds.

If you have any questions regarding this article and would like more fitness tips. Visit NYC Adventure Boot Camp for women.
We have many different fitness programs in the New York City Metro Area and in Scarsdale, NY.


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