5 Signs your Sneakers Need to be Changed

It is time to change your sneakers if:
1) The bottom of the heel (right or left side) is worn down. CONSEQUENCES: Over pronation or supination can lead to ankle or arch pain, easier to sprain your ankle.

2) The tread on the ball of the foot is worn down.  CONSEQUENCES: Leads to mid foot or digit pain, less stable when in the “push off“ phase of walk/running.

3) The upright sides of the heel is weak or sinking down to the left or right. A strong support of the calcaneus (heal bone) is necessary for proper function of the rest of the foot. CONSEQUENCES: More susceptible to sprain the ankle, mid foot pain.

4) Any part of the sole of the sneaker is loose or has created a flap. CONSEQUENCES: The rest of the sneaker will break down faster, easier to trip or sprain your ankle.

5) After putting your hand on the inside lining you can feel (or see) the impression of your toes or heal.  CONSEQUENCES: The sneaker is no longer giving back the support it was designed to give.

A great tip is that your sneakers should be changed LONG BEFORE the serious signs of wear are apparent. You will most likely need to buy new sneakers before the outside has begun to look grungy. No mater what type of activity you are doing in the gym you should have THE PROPER pair of sneakers for your feet.  As an orthopedic physical therapist I am constantly suggesting the correct foot wear for my patients. In fact, many of the foot, knee and low back injuries that I treat are preventable with a good pair of sneakers.

All sneakers are not created equal.  Nike and Adidas make really hot looking sneakers with all of the bells, whistles, air bubbles and shox. However, these brands for the most part do not make a great performance sneaker.

Flat Feet: Over pronators (feet turn in when walk or run)  Should buy—>> “motion control” sneakers.   Common foot problem – mid foot pain.

High Arch: Increased supination (feet usually turn outward when walk or run)  —> sneakers with “arch support.” Common foot problems – plantar fasciitis.

Tight Calves: Entire foot and heal whips to the side when walk or run —>>  Should buy sneakers with built up heals.  Common problems- shin splints, Achilles tendinitis, leads to high arches, mid foot pain, and plantar fasciitis.

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