Strong and Healthy Women with NYC Adventure Boot Camp

There are only two ways to look like one of those strong and healthy women that we see in the exercise ads of fitness magazines – through proper diet and exercise techniques. With so many drugs and fad diets on television promising miracle short cuts, building muscle and burning fat at boot camp fitness programs have been found to be the only guarantee that can transform the body naturally and safely.

Being obese or too skinny are the same thing when it comes to feeling bad and not fitting into society. However, signing up for NYC Adventure Boot Camp is the first step to becoming that perfect-body woman with lots of energy. Learning from professional boot camp fitness trainers who are experts in exercises and nutrition classes can help change a woman’s body safely in a short amount of time.  Being able to look in the mirror with a high self-esteem, an increase in motivation, and more energy is any woman’s dream – and all of this can be achievable through boot camps fitness programs for women.

NYC Adventure Boot Camp for women and Gemini Fitness Boxing for women combines self-defense classes with exercise programs to help the women of NYC protect themselves when in danger. Learning in a peer group of women who want to learn the same thing, a woman can learn to become strong and adept in the best way possible for all areas of her life.

What sets the NYC Adventure Boot Campapart is doing one-hour outdoor extreme workouts in all kinds of weather, getting a total body workout, getting out of exercise ruts from other standard exercise gyms, finding out what limits and endurance are all about, and having lots of fun with a group of women in a friendly atmosphere without repeating the workouts.  The exercise classes change all the time so a person doesn’t get bored. Joining us for a workout for one hour, three times a week, is all that is needed to change the body – in addition to eating properly.  Nutrition classes are just as important for strong and healthy women to remain that way once they get into shape.  Pushing to the limits involve not only the physical aspects but also motivating the mind to want to stay that by learning about nutrition and proper food.  Becoming strong and fit, physically and mentally, is what makes a woman strong and healthy –  heart and soul.

We offer different locations, full body workouts, lots of fun people, challenges, and never a boring moment. Getting back into shape and having the body you want  is achieved through our trainers who keeps the exercises effective, fun, intense, exciting and challenging every single time. The feeling of rejuvenation once those few pounds are lost while having a good time at the same time can never be equaled – with many strong and healthy women already in their 4th or 5th year at the boot camp.

My name is Stacy Papakostas and I am here to help you reach your fitness goals, if you have any questions please call me 212.426.4871


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