Beat the boring gym routine with an all women’s boot camp.

Participating in an outdoor boot camp for women as a group – in comparison to jogging on a treadmill in front of the television or the same repetitive moves on a stair master – is a no-brainier to everyone except for the woman on the treadmill.  Besides, the spirit just doesn’t seem to respond as well to what is going on.

Being outdoors in a park, lets say like Central Park can turn a boring and routine fitness routine into an energetic motivating experience.   Boot camps held outside are not only fun but allows for more strenuous workouts.  Results? More weight lost and a better feeling inside with a serious boost to self-esteem.

There is something about exercising in the sunny outdoors that can make a person feel better, as sunlight offers benefits that are good for us.  Nothing can beat that early morning feel of the sun rising or the smell of the outdoors as the sun comes in into the city. The morning rays are the best, allowing us to produce more Vitamin D – alias the “sunshine vitamin” – which has been found good to fight cancer.  However, this goes against the theory that we need to lather ourselves with sunscreen when outside as it blocks its production.  (Everything in moderation, including sunshine) Four separate studies have proven that we need more than milk and Vitamin D supplements  for conditions like lymphoma and cancers of the prostrate, skin cancer, lung cancer, and especially colon cancer.

Late in the evening is another good time to exercise outdoors, after the heat subsides.  Most boot camps will offer choices of classes at different times – particularly mornings and evenings – for running, jogging, and many heavy duty workouts.  An advantage of taking one of these classes is that, for some reason, a person approaches an outdoor activity differently than when inside.  That same feeling can be found when camping in state or national parks as in comparison to the good ol’ back yard.  It is still okay yet there is something missing.  Overall, this can cause a change on how a woman will approach her activity.

Outdoor boot camps allow women to push outside their comfort zones, further than where they normally would stop.  The wide open space is motivating allowing you more movement and a sense of freedom that you will not find, closed in at a gym.  This process can produce faster, positive results than with other more sluggish exercise programs.  You get out what you put in, is a good motto to follow.  If you only want to lose five pounds a year, then slowly walk ten minutes a day.  It is still a positive goal, and more than many can do with certain health conditions.

Combining fun groups of women who are marathon professionals and women who have never attended a boot camp for fitness has a comradeship about it, with each woman helping the other as sisters.  Helping to make good choices with nutrition and proper boot camp exercises can easily be set in stone these early days, with the outdoor boot camp for women setting the pace. Lots of laughter and a fun atmosphere with NYC Adventure Boot Camp comes from a family atmosphere on friendship, providing a good feeling that has been known to become contagious.

For more information regarding this article and on a all women’s boot camp held in New York City and Scarsdale, please call  Stacy Papakostas at 212.426.4871

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