Why Exercise Should be Fun?

Exercise is supposed to be fun. When exercise routines are not fun, they become monotonous and people get bored, so when the next training session rolls around, they try to find one excuse or another to skip their workout. What’s the solution to this problem? MAKE YOUR WORKOUT FUN!!!

Here are some helpful tips:

• This is where NYC Adventure Boot Camp comes in handy. This is the #1 key why our boot camp program is so incredibly effective. Exercises need not be limited to inside of the four walls of a gymnasium. It can be done outdoors, in the form of games, circuit training, pilates, etc. But, for results to show up, one has to be consistent in his/her efforts. If not, at the end of the day, it serves no purpose at all.

• Man is basically a social animal. So, make it a point to socialize with your co-workout crowd as much as possible. It is also advisable to invite some of your friends join you for your workout schedule. This way, having somebody you know in your company, will make working out less of a chore and more of a social occasion. Further, to make those long drawn out walks, hikes, and bike trips entertaining, include picnics in the schedule appropriately. The theory is simple – boredom sets in when the workout regimes get monotonous. Once you can do this in a fun filled manner, you won’t realize the extent of physical exhaustion while working out.

• Circuit training is an effective way to bypass the monotonous nature of certain exercises. The advantage of doing so is in fact twofold. One, it provides the much needed variety, and secondly, it helps build muscles of all parts of the body while being less demanding on any particular body part at a given time. It improves the overall fitness level quickly.

• Constantly challenge yourself or in your case let me challenge your routine. Certain basic workouts such as bench press, triceps extensions, and arm curls simply cannot be interesting over a period of time. In order to add some juice to such routines, increasing the target and constantly challenging yourself to meet it. This is my reason for pushing you so hard at boot camp. In a weird way I know that you will find some minimal motivation for working out routinely as long as I push you to the limits.

• When you get free time, test yourself and your fitness levels by joining a marathon or some local competition involving physical activities. To add fun and variety to your holidays, it is also advisable to go backpacking once in a while or try horseback riding. Mind you, it is not that easy to ride a horse!

• Finally, take a few minutes daily or on the weekends to play with your children. Assuming you have any. If you don’t have any of your own, borrow nieces and nephews or your friend’s children. A few hours with them will provide more physical activity than any local gym can provide. Not to mention it’s a ton of fun.

In fact, there are umpteen ways to make exercise fun filled, but one has to be creative in his/her thoughts. Involve your whole family in the process if possible. That will double as some quality time together as well as good fun. Tail Piece: Always begin any exercise program after a medical checkup. Also, make it a point to only go to a certified fitness expert. It is very important that one exercises safely and only in the correct manner. I know I don’t need to tell you that anything that is fun will hold and keep your attention, and would therefore be more likely to be included in your life on a long-term basis. We love fun things because they make us happy, and we want to continue doing things which make us happy. Boredom in anything, especially exercise, is unnecessary and it should be avoided by all means necessary! Here are a few reasons why from now on “fun in exercise” should be your new motto:

1. It gives you the impetus to do something that you probably wanted to try out, and now you finally have an excuse to try it out. Eg. Boot Camp

2. It puts you in the mode of wanting to do the activity which you find fun and enjoyable. Therefore you do it more often.

3. When others see you enjoying yourself and loosing weight, they ask questions and your single act of having fun in exercise may encourage others to be more active themselves.

4. Exercise on its own has been found to be a stress reducer, but when it is fun too, your heart is truly into it. This can be a true soul booster and you really feel the euphoria from the experience.

5. You look forward to something that you find enjoyable.

6. It is easier to solicit the involvement of family, friends etc. to become part of a fitness activity that is fun and enjoyable like out boot camp at central park.

7. It can open the door to like-minded people who help support you in your efforts to incorporate unconventional forms of exercise into your life.

8. Your exercise space is more likely to be in a ‘non-exercise’ environment such as your home, a dance studio, the beach, the park, your backyard etc. Therefore this removes the mindset of having to be in ‘exercise-mode’ as you would be in a gym for example; plus you are surrounded with the familiarity of your home, family, dog or whatever resonates comfort for you. When you exercise for fun, you are there to be in enjoyment of the activity and this is the primary focus. In fact it’s not exercise at all. It is just something you love doing.

9. Fun in exercise fuels long-term desire. Most people say that they have a determination to exercise, but determination is greatly mind-directed. Let’s face it, we can easily get caught up in the “minefield” of our minds.

Determination may seem great on the outside, but I feel it bears too much weight on the mind, and not as much on the heart and soul which really are our true driving forces. While determination gets you pumped up for the task at hand, it is desire which keeps you going when your mind can’t reason with the pain or the obstacles that come in the way. This is what keeps you going when the diet plan is over or the gym membership has expired. See you at boot camp this warm season.

Committed to your success,

Stacy Papakostas


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