BREAKFAST! Eat it please!

I know you have to be at camp at the crack of dawn and you can’t imagine having to wake up a second earlier just to put together something healthy but you must make sure you do so. It is NECESSARY and you do want to get the most out of this commitment that you have made don’t you? The best cereal? The least processed one. Thanks to fiber, unprocessed grains usually have less calories per weight than the refined sugary starches.

Follow these steps when you buy a box of morning breakfast:

  • Read the list of ingredients. The shorter the list – the better. This means the cereal is closest to the original grain and has more natural nutrients.
  • Look at how much fiber, sugar, fat or sodium the product has. Try to get one with most fiber and protein, least fat, sugar and salt.
  • Compare calories rather than the volume or weight of a serving. For example, an ounce of a nutrient-dense cereal, such as All-Bran with extra fiber, would contain fewer calories per 100g, but more calories per cup than an airy puffed rice. On the other hand, you’ll get more nutrients per calorie in the bran cereal.

Whole grain cereal with low-fat milk is a great breakfast option. But go ahead and get creative: Try adding fruit or yogurt to your bowl or eating nontraditional morning foods for breakfast. It is important to choose from several different food groups such as high-fiber whole grains and low-fat dairy products and meats. Here are several options, or use your imagination to create your own morning meal that is both enjoyable and satisfying.

  • Spread Wheat-Bix bars with cottage cheese and have a glass of fruit smoothie
  • Toasted whole grain waffle, spread peanut butter, add sliced fruit
  • Sprinkle whole grain cereal on top of berry yogurt and ricotta cheese mixture
  • Mix cooked brown with a hard-boiled egg, low-fat cheese, tomatoes and serve with avocado
  • Grits with cheese
  • Oatmeal with applesauce or raisins

I hope these tips and tools help to assist you along your journey and know that I’m here for you all the way!


2 thoughts on “BREAKFAST! Eat it please!

  1. I just discovered your blog, and I like it a lot! Your programs to help people get healthier are great! It’s been said so many times, but seemingly not enough, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although I have mostly the same thing (oatmeal with varying toppings) I’m always looking forward to that meal… so good 🙂

    – Kloé

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