Fat is energy and the best way to lose it is to use it!

Hello Ladies!  I know last week was tough but you all did such an excellent job. Lets work extra hard these last couple days and please don’t let the weather discourage you. I know it’s no easy task to rise before the sun and bundle up before you head outdoors. What you really want to do – and the last thing you should do – is to hit the snooze button and pull the blankets over your head. But it’s only winter! Don’t let it throw you off your game. While everyone is at home fattening up this holiday season you are out working your butts off and you are the winners in the long run!

I am sure you know someone who’s getting amazing results from an insanely low-calorie diet. It may be tempting to severely restrict your calories in hopes of a drastic weight loss, but don’t even think about it! The honest truth is, very few people can maintain one of those crazy kinds of diets for more than a couple weeks. And to make things worse, most people on near-starvation diets gain back all the weight (and more) just a few months later. In weight-loss terms, fat is energy and the best way to lose it is to use it. You have to do it with diet and exercise. If you diet without exercise, the majority of your weight loss will be from muscle. The minute you stray from your diet, the weight will come right back on. You being at boot camp and using the tools I am providing for you is the best way to go!

While we’re on the subject of diet I’m sure you’ve all heard that your post-workout meal is actually your most important meal of the day (aside from breakfast). I’d have to agree with that for the most part because refueling your body with the right combination of nutrients is SOOOOO vastly important to repairing your muscles from the breakdown of a workout, and keeping your metabolism sky high. A recent 12-week study said that those who failed to consume a post workout meal immediately after their workouts suffered a lower metabolism, loss of fat free mass, and had clear indications of muscle loss – while their counterparts (those who consumed a post workout recovery meal) significantly lost more fat, increased lean muscle, improved their metabolism, and increased dynamic strength.

First, keep in mind that your goal throughout the majority of each day is eating small whole food meals frequently that digest slowly with high fiber and a controlled glycemic response (blood sugar). These normal daily meals should also contain healthy fats and slowly digested proteins to keep a steady supply of amino acids. Well, when it comes to post-workout meals, you can almost use the exact opposite strategy of your normal meals. With post-workout meals, you actually want a faster digesting carbohydrate source to elicit an insulin response, which surges nutrients and glycogen back into your muscles for repair.

With the post workout meal, you actually want almost all carbs and protein, and very little fat if any. Fat just slows the absorption and glycemic response which is not what you want with the post-workout meal.

Post-workout shakes using a frozen banana, whey protein, water, and some real maple syrup are a great choice.

Studies show that the sooner you consume your post workout meal following your intense workout, the better your muscle recovery will be, and a higher percentage of the carbs ingested will be used for muscle glycogen replenishment instead of other uses. See you at camp!!!

Committed to your success,

Stacy Papakostas


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