No Sugar, Honey


As more and more people try to make the move towards healthy eating, more are trying to eliminate excess sugar.   Of course, eliminating sugar completely is nearly impossible, and you wouldn’t want to eliminate the natural sugars that are found in fruit.

While it might sound simple to eliminate processed sugar from your diet, many people with the best intentions end up eating sugar that is “hidden” in some foods.   Some of the suspects include some tomato sauces, salad dressings and lunch meats. 

Eliminating sugar from the diet is a great step toward a healthy lifestyle. Follow the tips below to help make a clean break.

Read the Labels

As mentioned above, sugar is hiding in some places you’d probably never even think to look.  You’ve got to get in the habit of reading the labels on every single thing you buy.  This is not only important when trying to cut down or eliminate sugar, but also to keep fat intake under control.

Make it Yourself

When you buy processed or prepared and packaged foods, there is a good chance that those items will contain something that you’re trying to cut back on.  Whether the offender is sugar, salt or something else, the best way to avoid this is to just make it yourself.

You’re probably busy (who isn’t!?), but many women are surprised to learn how little time it really takes to do some more home style cooking. 

If you really can’t, at least make sure you take the time to scour the labels to find the least offensive foods in the grocery store.

Eat Out Carefully

When you eat out, it is difficult – if not impossible – to know exactly what you are eating.  I’ve noticed sugar in salad dressing, flavored water and even on my baked potato!  Who knew I should have said, “Can I have a baked potato, hold the sugar?” 

The problem when we eat out is that we relinquish control of what we eat.  I love a good restaurant as much as the next girl, but when eating out, we need to be hyper-vigilant about what we’re eating.

Sweeten Naturally

I have a friend from the south who has to drink sweet iced tea with every meal.   When I say sweet, I mean very sweet.  She makes this stuff by the gallon, and she and her family drink it all day long.   That’s just bad!  If you crave a sweet drink, try this:  Cut up fresh fruit.  You can use cantaloupe, watermelon, lemons, limes, cherries, strawberries, whatever you’ve got handy.  Preferably, use a container with a spout, that empties from the bottom of the container.  Fill a container of any size about a quarter of the way up with the fruit.  Next, fill about three quarters with ice and then fill with water.   Keep filling with ice as needed.  This will give you a sweet drink that provides you with some natural sugar, rather than several tablespoons of processed sugar.

Just Desserts

The thought of giving up dessert completely is difficult for many of us.  If you can eliminate sugar from your regular daily eating, then an occasional sweet dessert is fine. The rest of the time, reach for fresh fruit, which makes a sweet, natural dessert.

If you have other questions about cutting processed sugar out of your diet, or any other nutrition questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a note at We’ll answer all of your questions, and help you get your footing when it comes to eating right. 



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